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Some of us have noticed that PVC windows “cry” – condensation accumulates on them, which runs down to the window sill. Do not rush to order double-glazed windows from the firm, perhaps the reason is not the quality of the double-glazed windows. Let’s talk more about what causes fogging on the windows.

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Windows are fine – what could be the cause?

Many people are familiar from physics class with such a concept as the dew point – when air stops absorbing moisture and it begins to settle on cold surfaces. The accumulated liquid on the windows is this very condensate. The dew point appears when the temperature is below 20 degrees and the humidity is over 45%.

Such a microclimate is formed under the following conditions:

  • Poor or no ventilation in the room;
  • heating outages;
  • congestion in a small room;
  • cluttered heating radiators;
  • A large number of indoor flowers in the house;
  • constantly running faucets or drying damp laundry in the room.

These are common causes of fogging unrelated to the quality of the windows. To eliminate them, you need to check the quality of the heating system, rearrange furniture, or find another triggering factor and take action.

Problem with PVC windows

The second group of causes that cause condensation on windows is poor quality of insulating glass units or improper installation:

  • Damage to the profile;
  • depressurization of the gaskets;
  • presence of drafts from the joints between the frame and the wall;
  • installation of insulating glass units that are too thin and do not retain heat.

To find out the reason, it is better to call a window specialist. The technician will diagnose and determine what is causing the “crying” glazing. Some problems can be repaired, poor-quality windows should be replaced. Typically, complications occur when installing cheap models manufactured with violations of technical processes. If you choose brand products from proven manufacturers, such difficulties can be avoided.


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