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Interior finishing of the house can be carried out with the use of various materials, and in recent years, batten is very popular. This material is characterized by low weight, ease of installation and low prices. There are several types of linings and they differ in terms of the material used.

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In today’s market of finishing materials you can find cladding made of wood, plastic and metal. Of course, the most popular is wooden cladding, which is environmentally friendly, provides additional insulation and has a beautiful appearance. Since wood paneling is the most popular, we will talk about it in more detail below.

The second most popular option is plastic linings. Conscientious manufacturers use high-quality plastic, which is resistant to various negative influences: low and high temperatures, high humidity, etc.

Such batten is perfect if the room is constantly high levels of humidity. Most often plastic paneling is used on balconies, loggias and bathrooms. In some cases, external finishing is possible.

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Metal paneling is not in high demand, but it is also used for finishing some rooms and exterior cladding of various structures. Metal panels are the strongest, so the scope of their application can be very wide. However, because of the unpresentable appearance of such linings are not used in all works.

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As stated, wood paneling is the most popular option today. Finishing with cladding inside the house is very quick and easy, and the result surpasses all expectations. Wooden cladding is absolutely environmentally friendly, has a pleasant appearance and does not lose its perfect appearance for many years.

However, it is necessary to approach the choice of this lumber as responsibly as possible. First of all, you need to find a bona fide and reliable supplier, whose products will fully meet the stated characteristics. To do this, you need to read reviews about the suppliers before buying.

As for the battens themselves, its quality is determined by the type of wood and the degree of drying. The grade of wood is determined in accordance with GOST, which provides 5 grades: the highest, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Of course, every owner of his house wants the finish retained its perfect appearance for many years, so it is worth choosing the highest or 1st grade linings.

The material should not have loose knots and all sorts of damage. As for the degree of drying, the ideal figure for this lumber is no more than 10-15%.

The color of the battens inside the house depends not only on the use of paint and varnish materials, but also on the species of wood. For example, aspen woodwork has a light color, while cedar woodwork is much darker.

It is important to know that according to the construction of the batten is classified into several types: standard wooden batten, eurowood, block-house, American. In most cases, it is not possible to combine these products, so you need to take care of buying the exact amount (and even better with a reserve) of cladding of one kind.

How do you install battens?

The process of installing batten is very simple. To perform paneling inside with your own hands, you need to have basic skills, as well as a simple set of tools: screwdriver, construction level, wood screws, sealant. On average, the installation work takes a few days.

Installing battens inside the house takes several steps:

  • Installation of wooden battens using small slats and bars;
  • If necessary, create a layer of thermal insulation (for this you can use foam plastic or mineral wool boards);
  • installation of the starting strip of battens (if the panels have a horizontal position, you must start their installation from the bottom);
  • careful fitting of all strips (according to the tongue-and-groove system) and fixing the structure with self-tapping screws;
  • final treatment of the finished surface with paint and varnish solutions.

The installation process looks very simple and can be handled with no problems.

Design solutions.

Lumber is considered a versatile material that can be used in any part of the house. This lumber has an aesthetically pleasing appearance and can perfectly complement any home. You can decorate your whole house with this material or only some of its elements. And in order to achieve maximum harmony, you can paint the battens inside the house.

The linings can be installed in a basic state or with paint coatings. If the batten you bought is light in color, it can be darkened with special varnishes. There are many options for decorating surfaces, and with the right approach, you will easily find the perfect solutions.

Numerous photos of battens inside the house confirm how varied and beautiful the interior can be with this simple and inexpensive lumber.

The benefits of battens

In recent years, cladding has become one of the most popular finishing materials, which is not at all surprising. The popularity of this material is due to a number of reasons:

  • complete environmental friendliness and the absence of harmful substances in the wood;
  • variety of wood species and varieties;
  • ease of installation;
  • the possibility of additional sound and thermal insulation;
  • various decorating options;
  • High durability (quality batten retains its perfect appearance of more than 20 years);
  • low cost.

These advantages make linings one of the best materials for finishing the interior of the house.

Are there disadvantages?

If the batten is of poor quality and does not have the necessary treatment, it will have a number of disadvantages on the likes of fire, the tendency to rot, etc.

To avoid encountering such situations, before making a purchase you need to make sure that the wood is of the highest grade, dried to the required value and treated with antiseptics. Only in this case the linings will serve in excellent condition for decades.

Photo of the battens inside the house

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