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Ordering engineering services today is not a problem. There are many options!

The need for engineering is driven by the high dynamics of the modern business world. Continuous and significant changes in technology, markets, and customer needs have become commonplace, and companies striving to survive and remain competitive have to continually recalibrate their strategy and tactics, constantly renewing themselves. The rapid growth of international trade in engineering, technical and organizational and management services in the XX century made them a separate type of international commercial operations, which led to the formation and development of the international market for engineering services.

International trade in engineering services (engineering services) is based on the method of performing contract work between an engineering firm and a customer. This is a certain form of export of services (transfer of knowledge, technology and experience) from the producer’s country to the customer’s country.

The forms of contracts are varied and depend on the nature of the services and the conditions of their provision. Thus, the engineering service includes the following functions, simultaneously being and independent services: consulting services; services in the field of design and research; services for the preparation of necessary documentation; information services; transportation services; services in the field of procurement logistics; services to ensure the production (construction) process; services for optimization of flow processes and cost reduction and others.

Many small businesses, which play a very significant role in the science and manufacturing sector, are usually unable, because of their economic potential, to maintain significant scientific structures capable of designing new original products and complex machine-technical systems. Therefore, in recent years the number of firms specializing in engineering services and having highly qualified personnel is growing.

In Russia’s transition to market relations, it has become relevant to study the experience of countries with developed economies in organizing construction and operation of facilities, particularly in providing engineering services. These countries have accumulated a wealth of experience of interaction between the structures of the main and auxiliary industries and their management under market relations and fierce competition. Using the experience of developed countries and the application of logistic approaches to the organization of engineering services became then and remains now relevant for the subjects of the Russian economy, building relations on market principles.

In accordance with the title of the term paper and the above justification of its relevance, the author aims to identify modern features of the engineering services market.

To achieve the goal in the course of researching the topic of the term paper, the following tasks are supposed to be solved:

.Acquaintance with the features of engineering;

.Consideration of the content of engineering activities and engineering firms;

.Study of the world and Russian market of engineering services.


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