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The small size of housing becomes a problem for owners of a small-sized apartment: where and what to place on such a limited area? However, with the right approach it is possible to advantageously use the small volume, first of all, there is no need to dwell on the small space. It is especially important that guests concentrate their attention on something else, for example, natural stone products, harmoniously blended into the interior.

It is better to buy furniture in catchy colors, let’s say a dark green sofa with bright red cushions against pastel-colored walls. Bright colors will attract the eye of the audience, respectively, less attention will be focused on the room itself.

It is possible to use the window sill surface instead of a desk or a kitchen table, it is better not to use massive curtains or portieres. It is much more convenient to install Venetian blinds to save space, also shortened curtains or shutters are a good option. Using mirrors and large mirrored surfaces is also preferable in a small apartment: so you can increase the space due to the visual effect, especially if you install lighting fixtures. Of course, in the presence of a large window, daylighting is also advantageous, but the rooms are not always located accordingly. Along with mirrors, transparent decorative elements, such as shelves, are used.

Large furniture requires a lot of space, and for “small-sized” usual cabinets, nightstands and chairs are not suitable. In such circumstances, it is better to apply transformable and embeddablememebel, say, nightstands, built into the chest of drawers and adapted to accommodate them small-sized things. The table is better to take a folding, tabletops can be attached to the closet, it will recline if necessary. Bed should also choose a collapsible: folding it, you can play sports or do cleaning. There are many variations of mobile cabinets, from them can be assembled a whole false wall. This step is taken in order to unload the rest of the apartment space.

What is better not to use in a small apartment? It is necessary to refrain from any items that unnecessarily burden the environment. You should not use oversized decor, you should not raise the floor. Hanging ceiling element also fits poorly in a limited room, and the visual effect of the ceiling height can be achieved by applying wallpaper with a vertical pattern, although it makes sense to simply paint the walls in beige or cover them with decorative plaster of neutral color. The loggia or a spacious enough balcony can be turned into a separate room for recreation.


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