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The arrangement of the plot, its quality design requires a clear planning of the available territory. Especially if it is 8 hectares, a very common option for the size of the plot in our country. The area is small, it is necessary to arrange a lot, and so that convenience, beauty and practicality combined.

In the photos of a plot of 8 acres, which are found on the network, you can see the original planning decisions. However, it is worth knowing some peculiarities of landscape work, so that originality does not turn out to be an inconvenience.

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The basics of site development

When deciding to create a landscape design for a site, it is worth considering the following factors:

  • The shape of the area and its proportions;
  • soil type;
  • site slope;
  • climatic conditions;
  • presence/absence of finished structures.

The location of future architectural structures on the territory directly depends on its shape. Construction technology, as well as the arrangement of the garden is determined by the quality of the soil, the properties of the soil on the site. The slope of the site is a determining factor for the location of the house and the arrangement of the drainage system.

The climatic zone affects not only the construction of the house, but also the landscaping of the site, the placement of structures, a greenhouse, for example.

The house on the lot may already be standing, so subsequent landscaping should be tied to its style; by doing so, it’s easy to achieve organicity.

Approximate layout based on site configuration

The configuration of an 8 acre plot can vary, although two options are often found: rectangular or square. The layout in each case is different.

Designing an elongated dacha plot of 8 acres is usually done according to the linear principle. The entrance to the plot is made on one of the short sides, nearby there is a summer house.

Recreation area is created behind the house for the reason that it will not be visible from the road. Behind the recreation area is placed outbuildings. The perimeter of the territory is planted with fruit trees, and a small vegetable garden can be placed on the far edge of the site.

If the plot is a square, the layout will look different. It is desirable to place the house in the central part close to the entrance, in a small space in front of it you can arrange a flower garden, or make a place for parking the car with a canopy.

Often, in order to save space, the erection of a capital garage building is not planned. The car can be parked in the common parking lot of dacha owners (if available), or right in front of the entrance to the site.

Possible plot design with a house in the center, with a recreation area and a vegetable garden on different sides of it. Such a design allows each member of the family to do their business without interfering with each other.

A barn or greenhouse can be placed behind the house. If there is a desire a greenhouse is made heated, so the location near the house is quite logical.

The above layouts are approximate, you can deviate from them if necessary. The main principle here is to proceed from rational considerations, aiming not only at the original design.

Zoning and its rules

Life with a minimum of worries and full-fledged recreation on a summer house plot is possible with a competent arrangement, rational arrangement of everything necessary. The approach to planning should be carried out from the point of view of practicality. Extremely important stage of the design – the procedure of dividing the dacha territory into zones.

The zones may be as follows:

  • residential zone;
  • economic zone;
  • recreation area;
  • vegetable garden and garden area.

The house is in the residential area. If its construction is just planned, the size and architectural solutions are thought out in harmony with other future buildings included in the household block. It is worth taking care to include a summer shower in the plan, to think carefully about its location.

Also be sure to allocate space for a carport or garage. In the recreation area is a good idea to equip a small swimming pool, not far to place a playground, having thought about security aspects.

Place under the barbecue or barbecue will be helpful in the recreation area. In the area of the garden and vegetable garden, if necessary, a greenhouse is placed. If there are already certain buildings on the dacha, it makes sense to make a preliminary scheme of the site in scale. This will simplify further planning.

Taking as a basis the data obtained, proceed to the drawing of the plan on a sheet of scaled paper. If you do not have millimetric paper, you can use a sheet in a cell, where conditionally for a square meter of territory to take one cell. It is recommended to orient to the sides of the world when drawing the plan.

A detailed plan of the dacha site

The planning of a plot of 8 acres should be conducted with an orientation on the immutable rules of construction. The latter are designed to ensure safety and are reflected in various kinds of regulations.

According to the regulations, the distance between neighboring houses built of brick should not be less than 8 m; between wooden houses – 15 m.

Recreation, garden and vegetable garden areas are placed on the plan only after drawing on it the already existing and planned structures. Garden planning involves taking into account its location and size, as well as the plants that will be planted in this area.

The dimensions of all trees to be included in the plan should be taken as if they were in their adult state. An apple tree requires at least 5 m around it, a pear tree 4 m, a cherry tree 3 m is quite enough.

It is worth remembering about the distance from a particular tree to the border of the plot, located in the neighborhood. Norms in the regions are different, they should be clarified by referring to the relevant documents of the administration. The greenhouse, if installed, should be oriented from south to north.

Popular elements for landscape decoration

The turn of the decor elements in filling the landscape comes after including all the zones in the plan. This stage gives the opportunity to connect the imagination and implement on paper their desires, however, you should not forget about the overall stylistics of the plot. Landscape design on 8 acres includes decorations of various pergolas, flowerbeds, alpine slides and other decorative elements.

When space remains, the option with the arrangement of a fountain or waterfall is possible. The original solution will be an earth mound, decorated with stones of different colors and plants. On a small plot you can do fashionable today stone pyramid.

A separate item is the planning of paths and their decorative design. The materials used in the creation of paths can be different: stone, bulk, you can use ordinary or colorful paving tiles.

Flowerbeds and flowerbeds, aligned in a common style, will perfectly complement the dacha plot. A great solution is to create a “hedge”, for example, from climbing vines. It can be a fence around the whole site, or serve as a divider zones.

With a fence, you can solve the problem of drafts and direct sunlight, which create a danger in the children’s area.

As soon as you become the owner of your own land, the question of how to equip the plot necessarily arises. Considering all of the above, or trusting the professional landscape designers, it will be possible to correctly and practically approach the arrangement of the available area. And then there is every chance to become the owner of a cozy and beautiful corner for the family.

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