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Kiev is a capital city with diverse architecture. Today its streets are lined with luxurious mansions of the past centuries, apartment houses and religious buildings. But most of the buildings are modern architecture, oriented towards European standards. And one of them will soon open its doors to tenants – Residential Complex on Mechnikova 11-A.

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“Signature: hello from the future

The new luxury residential complex “Signature” is a creation of the world-renowned Schmidhuber architectural company. It consists of three towers, a central tower and two side towers rising on a multi-level stylobate. During the design of the facade, the architects opted for a parametric style, dominated by flowing, flowing lines. The architectural object is equipped with glass walls and roof. Also worth noting is such an engineering solution as an atrium running the entire height of the main tower.

The Ukrainian architect Dmitriy Aranchy also added his own zest by arranging the park area on the roof of the stylobate in accordance with the chosen style direction. The space turned out to be light and not overloaded, and at the same time cozy. In addition the territory has a place for children’s development and fun activities – Kids club. And for the relaxation of adults there are swimming pool, sauna, massage room, fitness room, squash room and much more. And besides all that, in case of emergency evacuation, there is also a helipad on the roof.

What’s inside?

The complex “Signature” – elite houses in Kiev, distinguished not only by creative design, but also by the introduction of innovative technologies in construction. The peculiarities of the interior are:

  • Innovative surveillance systems;

  • German fireproof doors;

  • hydrants in each apartment;

  • high-speed elevators;

  • Fire sprinkler system;

  • Non-smoke stairs;

  • Automated access control;

  • Security and fire alarm systems.

The apartments of the complex are also equipped with German convectors, functioning in two modes of cold/heat. And due to the supply and exhaust ventilation, each owner will be able to create an optimal microclimate. Because of such symbiosis of advantages, the new buildings are the only premium class apartments in Ukraine which were awarded with the international certificate BREAM. Residential Complex “Signature” rightfully bears the title of the best in its segment.


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