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In the process of building a country house, it is important to think through every detail to ensure a full, comfortable residence. Planning, interior design of the house 8 by 8 has its own characteristics. The desire for comfort, as the main motive, makes the boldest dreams come true. The result is an economical, cozy little nest where you can spend time with your family, invite guests, and have a party.

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Features of the layout

An 8-by-8 house can hardly be considered small. Its dimensions are comparable to modern two- to three-bedroom apartments in high-rise buildings. A clever, well-thought-out layout works wonders.

Looking through the catalog of existing projects, pick your favorite option, bring it to life. An excellent, time-tested single-story 8-by-8 house layout includes:

  • Several bedrooms (usually two);
  • A large, spacious reception room;
  • Kitchen, dining room;
  • Bathroom, bathroom.

It is important to take care of the strength of the foundation, so that in the future, if necessary, to complete the floors (if originally built a budget version of the house, significant costs were not planned). Turn it into a luxury palace one day!

Two-story 8-by-8 houses are designed the same way, according to the same scheme:

  • The first floor has an entrance hall, living room, kitchen, and bathroom;
  • The second floor is usually reserved for bedrooms;
  • The attic space is designed as an additional room or attic.

The space of the hall is expanding by combining it with the kitchen. At the same time, we separate and emphasize the functionality of different rooms, using the interior items competently: the bar, located in the kitchen, visually separates the dining area from the rest of the space.

Houses with a loft

This layout creates opportunities equal to a whole floor! We use the attic to its full potential, make it into a living space. Long ago we noticed, back in the Middle Ages, how cozy it could become!

Previously, such a room was rented by the poor, it was nothing remarkable. Now, after a good finish, you can create a cozy, “see the world from the loft window” – the street will be like in the palm of your hand!

Getting the attic into a decent look is economically sound. With a good repair, furniture attic turns into a cozy bedroom, a place to work office with a minimum of noise, a room for training.

In the photos of modern landscaped attic designers boldly demonstrate what can be done with such an unsightly, but – a large room. A beautiful children’s room, a living room with armchairs, sofa, flowers, a huge bathroom. Imagination is limitless. Floor plans of 8×8 houses – the sea, for every taste, preference and financial possibilities.

Single story 8 by 8 house plans

Not necessarily a good house of this size is a multi-story house that has a high, spacious attic. A single story, with a well-appointed attic, will also look good. A well-thought-out, intelligent layout is the key to success.

It doesn’t make sense to make extra corridors to get to this or that room. The entrance to the hallway is in the middle of the house, on the long wall. From it you can go into any room, not looping through the corridors that needlessly eat up space, do not have other functional load except to get into the room. Without them you can do without, or plan to a minimum.

The living room is also in the middle of the house. It’s quite realistic to have 64 square feet of living space:

  • A couple of bedrooms;
  • Living Room;
  • Dining Room;
  • Bathroom;
  • Bathroom.

After all the layout of the room turns out – spacious, not small. Interior design emphasizes their functionality, direct purpose.

If you want to have a spacious hall, many bedrooms, it is worth thinking about the improvement of the attic, which will add the necessary space. It will become a living room, and the room previously allocated as a hall – a large spacious bedroom.

An 8-by-8 attic is a huge room that saves a lot of living space in the house.

The layout of a two-story house

There are many options to achieve sophistication, beauty, uniqueness in the construction of multistory cottages. Two-story houses 8 by 8 are varied, compact, impressive with a harmonious approach to the organization of interior space.

At times there are arguments about how best to plan. How to use the space of the veranda, attic? Is there a need for additional costs for landscaping?

High ceilings in the house are torture during the heating season, the room becomes far from economical. High vaults are psychologically depressing, not suitable for a cozy bedroom. But if you are planning a living room on the first floor, they are just right. A small bedroom is easier to heat! A room in the attic, with low arches – just for her.

The porch can be completed. The fashionable trend is that it’s made entirely of glass. Each wall is like a huge window. Decorated with climbing green plants. It has a glazed dome or is open.

In a different layout, the roof of the veranda is a beautifully decorated balcony, which is accessed from the second floor or attic. Such a room can become a mini-lounge, a place to relax surrounded by growing green foliage. With a beautiful view of the street.

A family of 4 will feel the lack of personal space. The attic can be divided into a room for each member of the family, the veranda can be a place of rest.

A well-designed attic is the most budgetary option when the house 8 by 8 is one-story, financial opportunities do not allow to complete the second floor.

Advantages of two-story floor plans

Choosing to have a multistory home can be justified by the fact that more personal space for comfortable living becomes available. Roofing for single-story homes is larger in size, higher in cost.

8-by-8 house layouts with a coal stove are not in demand. Too much solid, not at all cheap, fuel is consumed during the heating season. Plus – will have to strategically put in important places a few of these stoves to heat is not a small room! Modern homes are gasified. Autonomous heating system is used.

The option of burning a coal boiler is possible, but the huge Russian full-wall stoves themselves have not been used in the layout for a long time.

Two-story houses are more economical in terms of heating. On the ground floor, there is room for a mini-boiler room. A piping system is made that connects the radiators placed in all the rooms into a single whole with a gas or solid fuel boiler.

A good home design can get expensive. But it’s better than agonizing in a poorly planned dwelling, with numerous ridiculous, inappropriate hallways, an uncomfortably narrow kitchen, and high ceiling vaults. When in winter – increased costs for heating all the rooms, in summer – the struggle with heat, stuffiness …

Over time, a single-story house will grow with additions, so an initial solid foundation is very important. Building out a loft space, giving it the convenience of a living room, is the best option for dealing with a lack of space, personal space.

Ultimately, rebuilding a comfortable dwelling is not such a simple task. You can’t do without the help of competent specialists. In the process of construction, details that are important are specified.

Type of roofing, roof overhangs, wall insulation, installation of autonomous heating, interior design of the room … and many other things that should be taken into account so that the built house pleases not only the eye, but also served as a fortress, protection from the outside world. And it was quiet, happy, comfortable to live in.

Photo of the layout of an 8-by-8 house


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