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Landscaping and site improvement in Moscow

Garden’s Dream Landscape Company provides a full range of landscaping and site improvement services in New Moscow.


Plants are a basic element of landscape design. For the right choice, you need the advice of a specialist with knowledge in the field of agronomy and botany. We will choose exactly those plants that will suit the microclimate of your garden.

To protect the site from outside views and create a volumetric composition, we recommend using large-sized trees. You can buy such trees in nurseries. They have a formed crown and do not require special pruning.

Planting of trees and shrubs is carried out by our team of professional gardeners. You only need to coordinate the planting plan – the rest of the landscaping work we will do “turnkey”.

Site Improvement

Our company makes all kinds of landscaping:

  • Paving of areas and paths with paving slabs, paving stones, as well as natural stone;
  • Construction of a drainage and storm drainage system that will help avoid stagnant puddles and prevent plants and buildings from suffering from excess moisture;
  • Designing site lighting that includes functional lighting to ensure safe movement at night and decorative lighting to create a pleasant, dreamlike atmosphere;
  • installation of small architectural forms, namely: arbors and pergolas, arches and bridges, benches, sculptures and vases, fountains, flowerbeds, decoratively decorated barbecues and barbecues;
  • Construction of retaining walls;
  • Creation of artificial reservoirs.

All this gives the site an individual style.

Garden Care Services.

After setting up your landscape, it’s time to take care of your plants. If you do not have experience and knowledge in this area, our experts will take on this responsibility.

The care of professional gardeners will ensure the plants are beautiful and healthy, and help increase the yield of fruit crops.

Gardener’s list of garden care services include:

  • Pruning of trees and shrubs;
  • Lawn mowing and maintenance;
  • Plant treatment for pests;
  • Fertilizer application;
  • Loosening the soil in the flowerbeds;
  • Watering the lawn and plants;
  • weeding plantings, leaf removal;
  • cutting wilted flowers and other things.

In addition, it is possible to create a beautiful green lawn on the site, giving the garden a complete look.

If you want your garden to look beautiful and healthy, turn to the professionals!

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