Landscape design of a garden plot with a log house




For a country or homestead to look beautiful, you need to build an attractive and original house. Bar, as a natural, natural material, has a natural appeal, so it often does not require additional finishes. Prices for projects of houses of timber from Kostroma are available, because such construction can be afforded by everyone. But you need to think about the design of the site after the construction of the building.

But it’s not enough to build a beautiful house. You also want to design a garden so you can enjoy spending time with family and friends. Views of wildlife will be a pleasure, if intelligently composed. Almost any landscape design ideas are suitable for a log house. But natural materials will look especially good.

What are the options for designing a site with a log home

Here it all depends on the size of the area and the building itself. If the house is large, takes up enough space, and the free space is not much, you can just arrange a compact recreation area. This is a barbecue, a gazebo, a roomy swing, if space allows – a playground.

For a large garden these options are good:

  • Fountain. A beautiful water object will decorate any yard. It can be made quite small, modest, and even then it will add freshness and create a special, natural microclimate.
  • Wooden benches. Bar is a natural material, so it is logical that wood is perfectly combined with it, and when it is used on the site will create a harmonious picture. From wood you can create decking and terraces around trees. This solution is especially convenient when there is not enough space in the garden.
  • Garden walkway. Can be not only functional, but the main element of landscape design. It is not always an expensive option – often the arrangement of the site in this way is cheap. For example, if you choose a simple tile with pebbles, and the voids are filled with crushed stone or expanded clay.
  • Rattan chairs. Would be a good component of the seating area. They can be arranged or made suspended. It is not only comfortable, but also aesthetic and stylish way of decoration.
  • Paving tiles. Inexpensive, but convenient and versatile option for decoration.

Green plantings are also involved in landscape design. For example, a hedge looks very beautiful on its own or in combination with large or small flowerbeds, flowerbeds.


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