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Electric sauna stove

Consumers’ choices depend on the budget series, requests for the unit’s goodness. Many are interested in the latest models, equipped with additional options. One requirement remains important – the ability to connect the oven to the mains at 220в, to understand whether you would have to bring in a 3-phase or 1-phase line.

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What’s important in choosing a sauna stove

Install an electric sauna stove in a sauna, bathhouse – the dream of every owner of a country house. Such a move takes the home sauna to a higher level of comfort, gives the opportunity to enjoy steam at a convenient time. Proper operation of the stove requires proper planning of the whole sauna arrangement, the device by the rules of the ventilation system. Bathing Models of electric stoves differ in the type of installation, this should be taken into account in choosing the model, in the arrangement of all the equipment of the sauna.

electric sauna oven

According to the type of installation the user prefers wall-mounted or floor units, with a cylinder shape – high and narrow. It will successfully stand in any room of the sauna, it will not take up much space. When the area of the steam room allows, buyers choose among any variety of models.

The design of the external body of the furnace:

  • Open;
  • closed.

Open type furnace. Electric sauna oven Keeps heat for a long time and lets off steam efficiently. The furnace of the closed type is used when the owner prefers a well heated room with the driest air possible. An important parameter for choosing a stove is its power. In the store, the buyer should be ready to answer competent questions of the seller about the area of the steam room, the available electrical leads, their section, the desired shape of the unit, the type of its intended device. The power can be calculated by the store advisor based on the area of the steam room. According to physiological and technical parameters, the optimal heating of the room of the steam room can sauna stove, with the calculation of consumption per 1 cubic meter of area of 1-1.5 kW of energy.

Electric sauna stove

Consultants recommend buying “spare” units with temperature control. Then the unit will confidently bear the given operating loads, without problems will work off the warranty period given by the manufacturer. Powerful Furnace in home sauna, banya will require a new electrical wire, with a separate line, with the cross section required by the manufacturers specified power of the selected unit.

Selection requires consideration of the volume of the inner chamber where the stones for heating are placed. Electric sauna stove A small area will be quite effective to warm the room, if its volume is 20-26 kg. For larger rooms, you have to buy models with a volume of more than 50 kg to get enough heat and comfort.

It is important in the sauna to arrange high-quality thermal insulation, initially build it with thick load-bearing walls. This eliminates heat loss, gives the furnace to work in a normal temperature regime. When steam room is arranged in the old room of the bath, it is recommended to buy a stove with a large power reserve, which will be able to overlap heat loss, to provide comfort to lovers of steam.

electric stove for sauna

Buyers choose the stove manufacturer, the brand name in advance. Units of European production are the highest quality, but are in the highest price category. Significantly cheaper are models of domestic brands, our manufacturers offer technologically simple arranged, good-quality electric stoves. Chinese manufacturers offer cheap models, among them you can also find reliable options for budget stoves.

Placement of the unit in a home bathhouse

The type of furnace placement differs in two ways, floor standing and wall mounted. Proper installation and connection Furnace in. It is possible for the owner of the bathhouse himself, without inviting specialists. The main thing is to do everything without haste, to adhere strictly to the requirements specified in the Installation Manual, to make sure that during the installation all fire safety rules are followed. Different types of sauna heaters imply different conditions for their installation. Some require RCDs and the sauna heater to be connected to a separate electric line with sufficient cross-section wires. For others, RCDs are strictly forbidden and they require the installation of a residual current circuit breaker.

Electric sauna stove

There is also a difference in voltages requirements: one furnace For sauna electric has 220V requirements, others necessarily need a line with 380 volts. Characteristics of some models indicate the possibility of their connection to single-phase and 3-phase mains lines, in the Instructions it is marked by numbers – “220/380”. According to the state standard, 220 volts is the voltage of the domestic power grid. More customers are tuned in to the choice to have the sauna heater Electric for. sauna worked from such mains. This saves them the trouble and expense of setting up a separate electric line.

But if the owner wants to arrange a sauna with a strong and regulated heat, he should choose a more powerful unit, and go to the expense of a separate electrical line, with the installation of a disconnector. In fact, the voltage consumption depends significantly on the power of the selected sauna heater, on the area of the sauna that you want to warm up to the desired temperature. Owners of a large family, and those who expect to receive guests, will need a large electric stove, which needs a 380 volt grid.

For small and medium-sized steam rooms it is enough to install a 7 kW heater, then a normal 220 volt electric network is quite satisfactory, but the wire cross-section should always be checked, and the old wires should be replaced with new ones. This is required by the fire safety rules.

It is allowed to conduct to the house, to the apartment electric voltage of 380 volts, but it is necessary to take three phases. There will be difficulties with obtaining a permit, replacing wires to match the cross section of the voltage used, with their insulation. Payment for electricity will still depend not on the network, but on energy consumption.

Posted by Electric sauna stove Considering whether it is equipped with a steam educator. A sauna is the same as a bathhouse, only with dry air. There is not much steam as such, the main task of the furnace is to give dry heat, which makes people sweat perfectly. Evaporation is removed by properly installed convection.

Electric sauna stove

Low-temperature steam can be seen over the usual pots in the master’s kitchen. It is thick, white in color, and many people have a hard time tolerating it. Superheated steam in the sauna is not visible, it is light and airy. This is the kind of steam that should give the steam generator of the sauna heater, which is usually put in baths of large area. The steam coming from the unit in the design of all sauna heaters is suitable for a normal sauna. Steam generators must be used carefully, in order to get more dry steam, it is necessary to reduce the temperature of heating of the sauna heater.

Steam generators are necessary if the sauna is designed to operate in two modes:

  • As conventional saunas;
  • Like Russian bathhouses.

There are different types of heaters designed for this, they quickly heat the bath up to 60 degrees, the regulator of the steam generator gives out finely dispersed steam. The owner gets the effect of a real Russian bath. It depends, How to choose an electric sauna stove.

The way the sauna heater is placed in the sauna is shown in the photo.

Installing the stove on the wall

The exclusive models that involve wall mounting are fundamentally different. Usually they are made of unique, patented by the manufacturers, heat-resistant alloys with an increased content of Ni, Ti, Al, Cr. The main material in the manufacture of enclosures is high-strength monolithic steel, coated with a layer of protection against corrosion. How to choose an electric sauna oven The store consultant will tell you how to choose an electric sauna heater with a volume of up to 12 m³, for 3-4 people, with a wall-mounted installation. You will need a heater with working power of 8 kW, you can choose a unit, which constructively includes a steam generator, heating elements of increased working resource, external beautiful overlays, at the same time taking on the protection of users from splashes, which come from heated to the limit stones.

Wall-mounted models can be three-phase connected. The weight of the unit is up to 16 kg, plus a stone load of up to 20 kg. Wall-mounted models are usually compact, well suited for home saunas, baths. The steam generator available in the design keeps the steam room comfortable for a long time, the necessary humidity.

Mounting the unit on the wall does not require installation of an additional frame. The complete set with stones has a weight that can easily withstand the load-bearing structures of the sauna. It is not recommended to mount the electric stove on brick walls with plastic plugs. They dry out quickly under the influence of high temperature, constant heat. This can cause the stove to fall, damaging its body and the finish of the room.

Electric sauna heater is usually equipped with additional functional devices.

These include:

  • Remote control unit with automatic maintenance of the set temperature;
  • Electrical tube type heaters;
  • Built-in temperature control unit from 40 to 110 degrees.

Some models do not include stones; the owner selects them separately, buys them, or borrows them from the household. Heating devices work flawlessly when properly connected to the electrical grid, with compliance with electrical and fire safety rules. Appropriateness of connection of wall heaters is determined by specialized specialists.

Ways to place wall stoves in the sauna photo

Installing a sauna heater on the floor

Floor-mounted types of electric sauna heaters necessarily have built-in IPX4 protection. This feature is necessary so that splashes and drops of water do not harm the unit. This protection allows the sauna heater to work flawlessly in the specified mode. Electric sauna heaters are not as demanding as brick constructions heated with wood. They do not need to specially arrange foundations, chimneys. The floor under the stove is lined with heat-resistant tile, and a sheet of hardened metal is put under it for greater reliability.

Floor furnaces are designed for rooms of large size. Their choice of body shape is varied.

They can be:

  • Cylinder;
  • rectangular shape;
  • circular;
  • square shaped;
  • angular design.

The choice of the shape of the enclosure recommends that the volume of the steam room be taken into account. Design types are also interesting, they can be open or closed. The closed design heaters maintain the set temperature for a long time, the units of open type give accelerated heating of the steam room. The housings are made of stainless heat-resistant steel, aluminum or cast iron. The most reliable and durable are considered cast iron models, in addition, they have a high heat capacity. Metal units of different material are practical to use, give quick and even heating of the air.

How to choose an electric sauna heater for a mini-bath

“Mini” is considered a sauna with a small room of no more than 1.5 cubic meters. It is designed for the simultaneous presence of 1-2 people in the steam room. A recent trend – the device of small baths directly in the apartment of the house of urban development. They consume little electricity, the main thing – to ensure reliable insulation. Stoves in a mini-sauna are small in size. On these devices manufacturers put the words “Mini”, “Compact”.

The market presents mini-sauna heaters by product brands:

  • Sawo; Mini and Mini-X series;
  • Harvia; Vega Compact, Delta series.

These are the most common brands of mini stoves. Other manufacturers have them too. The positives and negatives of using mini stoves are common to all electric units installed in a home sauna.


  • Performing an electric heater of different metals;
  • electricity is directly converted into heat energy;
  • mobility of devices, the possibility of installation anywhere in the steam room;
  • the power of small heaters installed in apartments is comparable to an electric kettle, the device consumes less energy than home steam irons;
  • Proper grounding ensures fire safety.


  • Using electricity is quite expensive;
  • The mini-sauna is not calculated more than for two people present;
  • difficulties with wiring; it is necessary to invite an electrician to conduct a three-phase wire, when the sauna heater consumes 380 volts of power; for a competent grounding device.

There are mini-heaters, which are designed to work from networks with standard 220 volts, if the owner knows how to do grounding, he will be able to connect such a stove himself. It is important to be sure that the wiring is reliable.

Safety rules for operating electric stoves in the sauna

When installing an electric heating unit in your home sauna, you must follow the requirements of the Operating Instructions and fire and electrical safety rules. Then the furnace will work with a high level of efficiency, which is required by the prudent owner. Lay the stones in such a way that they completely cover the heating elements, this prevents the splashing of water on them. This is especially important for tube type heaters, it prolongs their service life.

Installation of appliances requires the output terminals to be securely fastened. If the owner follows the established rules, confident in their abilities, he can not involve professionals, do everything with their own hands.

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