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Inflatable pools are very popular with families with young children. Their small size, ease of installation, lightness and ability to quickly inflate make pools suitable for any garden, even the smallest.

Inflatable pools are great fun for kids. Thanks to the powerful pump they can be inflated in minutes and installed anywhere in the garden. The offer of pools includes both small inflatable pools for the smallest children and large models that can successfully accommodate several people.

  • Unlike infill and frame pools, inflatable models are so shallow that their use does not entail the risk of drowning.
  • Given the small volume of water poured into an inflatable pool, users don’t have to worry about how to drain it.
  • The water in an inflatable pool heats up very quickly on hot days, so users don’t have to worry about heating up or waiting for the water to spontaneously heat up.
  • Children’s inflatable pools usually come in unique colors. Children can choose from a variety of patterns – the most popular are pools with prints of fairy tale scenes and favorite characters, such as those from Disney movies.
  • Today’s pools are not only colorful and decorated with attractive graphics, but also have unique shapes that often resemble a playground or miniature castles.

Unique pools for kids

An inflatable pool is not only a place to swim, but also a playground for the littlest ones. Girls gladly choose pool models with a rainbow set or a children’s pool in the form of a unicorn. On the other hand, boys prefer pools in the shape of a castle or inspired by animal characters, such as models that resemble a snail or crocodile. Expressive and original colors encourage the youngest to play and stimulate their imagination. Quality pools with careful finishing can inspire your child to play and discover a new fantasy world.

Store your inflatable pool during the fall and winter in a dry and warm place, such as a garage or other utility room. A properly stored pool will serve you well into the next season.


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