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Today there are many options for exterior finishing of houses: from plastic facade panels to imitation bar. In recent years, it is a bar imitation has become very popular, which is associated with a number of advantages of this material: from the noble appearance to the ease of installation.

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Why do you need exterior trim on your home?

Basically, this question is asked by the owners of old village houses, which do not shine with spectacular appearance. As an example, consider this situation: you got an old grandmother’s house, and next to him was built a lot of modern cottages. Most of these situations occur in villages close to the city.

Of course, the owners of such a house will want the house to look as modern and attractive against the background of new buildings. It is possible to achieve a spectacular look without a large financial outlay by using a simple exterior finish.

In addition, additional finishes can provide additional heat and sound insulation. Of course, simple battens or plastic panels do not cope with this task, but high-quality imitation beams can become a serious obstacle in the way of cold air.

What does imitation beam look like?

Numerous photos of the bar imitation clearly demonstrate how noble and attractive houses can look, clad with this material. When dismantled, imitation bar resembles simple wooden or plastic paneling, but houses clad with this material do not differ from houses built of full beam.

The color of the imitation depends on the wood used (conifers are most often used). Imitation beams made of larch look especially beautiful.

There are several options for cladding houses with imitation beams:

  • Full cladding;
  • Partial.

In the first case, the house is completely covered with the material. After the work is completed, the house takes on a completely new appearance and does not differ much from a full-fledged log house.

In the second case, only part of the structure is clad in imitation. For example, the front of the house is built from real beams, and the back – from cheaper materials, and to remove the contrast, imitation beams are used. This solution allows you to save a lot of money, because the external finish of the house with imitation beams is much cheaper.

You should choose the color, focusing on the terrain in which the house is located. If the house is constantly exposed to sunlight, it is worth giving preference to imitation of light colors. If the house is located in a moderate shadow, you can choose a darker color. If the imitation is clad only part of the house, the color must match the color of the full bar.

How to choose?

Today you can order this material both directly from manufacturers, and in construction stores or markets. Of course, in our country lumber dominated by domestic production, but you can also meet products from Europe and China. When buying should be guided by the type of wood and its degree of drying. It is from these characteristics depends on the quality of the imitation.

Grades of lumber of this type are regulated by GOST, according to which they are divided into the highest grade, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Since imitation beams are mounted on the facade of the building, it is important that it retained its perfect appearance for many years and firmly endured all external influences: rain, snow, low and high temperatures. That is why when buying it is worth giving preference to wood of the highest grades.

A few helpful recommendations:

  • The ideal moisture content of wood is no more than 10-15% (at higher values, the material can deform and deteriorate);
  • The presence of a groove on the inside of the panels (it reduces the load when the material dries);
  • The size of the board under the beam should be chosen with a reserve, and their ideal width should exceed 100 mm;
  • On the panels should not be knots and damages;
  • The locking mechanisms must be reliable and provide a firm connection of the panels.

How is the imitation installed?

Thanks to the lightness and simplicity of materials to perform the installation of imitation beams with their own hands is not difficult. It is enough to have basic skills, as well as have at their disposal simple tools: screwdriver, level, saw, etc.

Installation work can be divided into several stages:

  • Preparation (surfaces are cleaned of dust and dirt);
  • installation of vertical battens with a spacing of about 60 cm of small wooden bars;
  • installation of moisture-proof film and thermal insulation (mineral wool boards or rolls are ideal as a thermal insulator);
  • installation of panels (begin to fasten from the bottom on the principle of “tongue and groove”, using small screws or nails);
  • application of paint solutions (if desired).

All this work can be done in a couple of days. If there are visible nail and screw marks on the panels after installation, these holes can be sealed with a special mixture of sawdust and varnish.

Advantages of imitation beams over other cladding materials

In addition to its beautiful appearance, imitation birch has a number of other advantages:

  • Complete environmental friendliness and the absence of harmful substances in the structure of the wood;
  • easy installation and no need to use expensive tools;
  • The possibility of cladding any surface: from bricks to foam blocks;
  • A wide choice of colors and sizes;
  • long service life;
  • Additional thermal insulation for the home;
  • low price, etc.

It is because of these advantages houses clad with imitation beams are so relevant. Also note that the already assembled construction does not require any maintenance. Quality imitation is able to keep its ideal state for more than 30 years.

It is impossible not to mention the beautiful design of houses with imitation beams. The modern lumber market is huge and diverse, so you can easily find the perfect solutions for your home. This applies to both the type of wood and color solutions.

Externally, a house clad with this material will not differ from a real bar house. At the same time, this luxury costs about the same as simple PVC panels or battens for house facades.

Photo of the bar imitation.


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