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Many of us want to have our own home that is on a separate lot with a garden, play area or gazebo. However, not everyone can afford to build a house from scratch. To reduce the cost of construction, the house can be built by yourself, with your own hands. Just before you start construction, you need to look at pictures of a private home to determine the project of the future dwelling.

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Determining the size of your future home

Deciding to do construction, probably the first question you had after making the decision was “how to build a private home yourself?” Fortunately, there are certain rules and stages of construction that cannot be changed or removed.

By familiarizing yourself with homemade house projects, you can clearly understand what size your future home should be, how many rooms you want it to have, and what they should be.

To make it cheaper to build a building, you need to get all the dimensions and layouts right. A few tips for making a house inexpensive, but still built with quality:

  • It’s best to have an exterior contour in the shape of a square. This means that the perimeter of the house will be minimal. Accordingly, the foundation for the length of the walls outside will also be minimal in size.
  • Try to choose such a layout so that all the rooms are located on the minimum allowable area. Instructions on how to build a house can help you choose the best layout.
  • Give preference to the simplest and most useful for placing all the things you need.
  • If you have not yet decided on the number of floors of the house, think about it, a one-storey house is much easier and cheaper to maintain than a multi-storey house. In a two-story house you will have to build an additional staircase, respectively, to allocate space for it. There are variants where instead of an attic they build an attic. Despite the savings in wall materials, this option increases the cost of building a roof.

Foundation and saving money on it

We only see a small part of the foundation of a house. Because of this, many people have a desire to save money at the foundation construction stage. This should not be done under any circumstances! It will be fraught with serious problems in the future.

What is a foundation? It is the foundation of your whole house, your home. With unreliable construction of the foundation (namely saving on materials or ignoring certain stages of construction), cracks may soon appear in the floor of the house, in the walls, shrinkage will be uneven, the house may eventually collapse. It will be impossible to correct these problems after construction is completed.

Walls: configuration, choice of material

In order to make construction cheaper, many people choose the cheapest materials to build walls. Here it is worth noting that you can not choose cheap and low-quality materials. Analyze all available and possible cost options and make a choice in favor of the best.

In the forest area the most optimal material in terms of price-quality ratio will be wood. In the steppe zone, it is adobe. In places where there is a lot of natural stone, the cheapest material is considered to be limestone-shell rock.

If all the options offered do not suit, you can build a house of aerated concrete with your own hands. When choosing building materials for the house, do not forget to take into account in the estimate their cost, delivery and installation. Also, be sure to take into account the speed of laying materials, ease and simplicity.

Frame House.

House of this type is built from 14 days to several months. The speed of construction directly depends on whether the owner of the dwelling decided to build a house himself or whether it is done by a team of specialists. If you decide to build a frame house with your own hands, you can be sure that it will serve more than 70 years (this is the service life of such buildings).

After all the load-bearing structures are installed, it is the turn of the next stage – cladding the walls with finishing materials. On the walls you can mount any variant of facade cladding: block house, siding, cassette panels. When cladding with additional materials, the structure gets more strength. In this case the weight does not increase significantly.

Required Communications.

Necessary communications include: water, heating, electricity. You can use a gas boiler to heat your home. Thanks to him in the winter time you can significantly reduce the cost of heating your home.

If you can afford it, you can immediately make a warm floor when building (we all know that the heat comes from the bottom up) – install plastic pipes in the floor, and pour a concrete screed on top. This way you can heat the whole house. An alternative to such a warm floor can be solar energy, which will not allow you to freeze even on cold winter evenings.

The sewer system must be laid prior to finishing and pouring the floor. Similarly, the plumbing must also be laid prior to completion of this work. It is necessary to designate in advance where the rooms and appliances for which drainage is required will be located. All pipes must be laid in accordance with the declared schemes.

If a central system is not available to you, you can dig a well or a well. Unfortunately, these are not very cheap options.

Building flooring and roofing

As soon as all the work on the installation of the necessary communications is finished, you can start pouring the floor with a concrete screed. You can cover the floor with any material. For this purpose, laminate, linoleum, tile and others are ideal. Tile is one of the most practical and stable materials.

Once the walls are erected, the floor is laid, you can make the roof. If you decide to build a two-story house, use concrete slabs as a floor. The first step in the construction of the roof will be the installation of the cladding grid (for this use beams).

Then you should cover them with one of the following materials – slate, metal tile, profiled sheeting or ondulin. Regardless of which material you preferred, the roof must be insulated with glass wool (the cheapest and most affordable material).

We hope you understand how to quickly build a house with your own hands and at the same time not very costly on the money.

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