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Making a house sign with your own hands is not difficult, the main thing is to approach it creatively and with interest. Many people think that a sign is a simple piece of metal that just hangs on the facade of a building and serves only one function. But it is possible to approach it in an original way, isn’t it?

If you make a beautiful sign, it can not only indicate the house number, but also decorate the exterior, which will be a nice addition. This article contains a lot of ideas, as well as tell you how to make a facade sign with your own hands.

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Selecting the material

The material of the sign is not only a guarantee of strength and durability, but also a visual decoration, it complements the design of this product. Also, the material is important for applying different patterns or changing the shape of the product.

For example, from wood you can cut a beautiful pattern, and from metal to make a sheet of any shape and apply paint to it. In general, in Russia it is more common to make signs from such materials:

  • stainless steel;
  • PVC;
  • pieces of wood;
  • More valuable metals;
  • durable glass.

Stainless steel is considered a guarantee of durability because it is not affected by weather conditions. As a rule, this material is standard if you order a sign from firms that are engaged in their mass production.

As for imagination and manufacturing with their own hands, stainless steel is most often made of various patterns, then applied to them paint and inscriptions. If you want to do something like forged products, then it is better to take iron rather than steel.

PVC is considered the very material that is more prone to creativity. PVC signs are mostly made in the West, as they even add a little solidity to a building.

In Western countries, wood is quite expensive, and you do not want to hang a banal metal sign on your private house, especially in these countries often live in homes and need something to stand out against the background of a huge housing estate.

PVC can also make interesting extensions, and it does not matter where to hang the plate – on the fence or the facade. Making your own construction in the shape of a carriage or something else is a great way to stand out.

If you want to seem even more special, you can take pieces of wood and make them into real handmade pieces. For example, you can cut a piece of wood, paint it, and put signs on it-something you rarely see anywhere else. It turns out that ordinary wooden signs can be made even more beautiful!

The idea of creating a metal house sign is not limited to stainless steel alone. You can raise a little money and make a real masterpiece out of brass, copper or bronze, but that will require additional skills and the right tools.

Yellow wrought iron is gaining in popularity lately, many people want to have something like this on their home. But if you do not have knowledge and experience in working with these metals, such a sign will be easier to order.

One of the most impressive and beautiful, and most importantly, common materials, is solid or organic glass. Thanks to its transparent properties, you can make a sign in the style of “high-tech”, completely different from the mass of other “rustic” materials.

A transparent sign in a variety of shapes with a dark inscription is something that is worthy of decorating the facade of any house. It is not difficult to work with glass – you just need to buy an ordinary glass cutter.

Sharing ideas

After reading about the materials, I just can’t wait to see what all these masterpieces might look like. In fact, there are a lot of ideas, as the idea of creating an unusual plate appeared hundreds of years ago. In the era of modern technology, many have come up with a lot of options, which are not bad to decorate the exterior of buildings.

If you want to do something quickly, in this case you can take the materials that are already in the house. For example, old doors with broken glass, unwanted pieces of metal, empty glass bottles and anything else you can think of.

You can hang a piece of wood with a lettering on the door in the glass opening, and you can put light bulbs in the bottles and end up with a backlit house sign.

If you still can’t think of any ideas, you can always look up options from your neighbors. Surely there are creative people among them! Most often, such things are treated with humor and make a sign in the form that corresponds to the name of the street. For example, it is not uncommon to see signs with a house number in the shape of an airplane on Aviation Street.

Making with our own hands

The sign on the house with the name of the street, as already mentioned, is easily made with our own hands. Only a few hand tools, material and a little ingenuity will be needed. Although it is not much of a complicated process, but it is so only if you stick to the step-by-step work with materials.

First of all you need to make a measurement of the future design, and before that – to decide on it itself. Most often they take a picture from the Internet, print it out and trim the remaining white paper to the contours. If the sketch coincides exactly with the dimensions of the house sign, in this case you can proceed to the next step.

Next, the material from which the plaque will be made is taken. The sketch is put on a piece of metal, for example, and outlined with a marker. Next, the material must be trimmed to get a finished shape for the plaque.

If it is wood, you can use a jigsaw, when working with metal you will need other tools. Before the preparatory work, it is advisable to buy all the tools that you will need in the work.

Then already – the flight of fancy. From this piece of material you can make a beautiful plaque, applying drawings, decorations.

The main thing is to make everything look visually simple, and not be merged into one pile. A person passing by should be attracted by the sign and convey the information they need as much as possible.

Let’s summarize the article, and say that there is no clear guide for making a sign for the house with their own hands, because it all depends on creativity, material and human desires. You can get your hands on anything and even out of old junk to make a real masterpiece. The main thing – wit, desire and interest, and if there are no ideas, the photo of the house signs will help in this.

Photo of the house signs.


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