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Choosing the project of the future house is an interesting and at the same time difficult thing. Construction organizations that specialize in the construction of country houses have in their arsenal of numerous projects of houses and cottages, which provide for the consideration of clients. It is worth saying at once that the process of finding the best project rarely ends quickly.

Getting something that would bring complete satisfaction as a result means meeting the conditions set forth. These include:

  • The external parameters of the structure (length, width, height). It takes into account the number of people who will live in the house. If it is a large family, the house should be spacious so that everyone feels comfortable in it. If you intend to install a guest house, or the family is so small that a large house is irrelevant, stop at the facilities of a small format.
  • The main material of the structures from which the house will be built. Most often it is a block, brick or wood.
  • Floors of the house. This part of the conditions is a sub-item determined during the selection of basic exterior dimensions.
  • Determining the configuration of the roof, as well as the type of roofing.
  • Determining the internal layout. This includes the distribution of the position of internal walls and partitions. Delineation by functional zones: rooms for adults, for children, kitchen, corridor, bathrooms and so on. An important point. Internal bearing walls are marked during the development of the foundation. The strip type of foundation is common in low-rise construction. It is convenient for axial breakdown under the internal layout.

At the time of making the decision to build a country house, many people are not yet fully aware of what exactly they want to see. Help determine the choice can be in specialized construction companies, where customers apply in search of acceptable options. First of all, they are presented with photos of house projects.

The versatility of service provision increases the chances of getting an order for construction work, and consequently of earning an income. Therefore, almost all firms engaged in the construction of country houses try to meet the needs of the most wealthy category of customers, as well as somewhat limited in funds.

Projects of single-storey houses express a cheaper type of construction. However, apart from this factor, a significant role is played by the division of project types into typical and individual (exclusive).

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Model or custom design?

Each type of design has its advantages and its disadvantages. In the case of choosing the first option, that is, a standard project, the benefit will be traced mainly in financial terms. But at the same time the house will lose significantly in appearance and interior design. In other words will be deprived of special design frills.

However, already at the stage of direct work, at the request of the customer in any typical project can be made adjustments. For example, quite often people come to the decision to replace simple types of single-story structures with an upper attic with projects of houses with an attic.

As funds are found, the typical single-story homes originally chosen may no longer be the most viable option, and the customer may change the order category to a more complex one that includes two-story home designs.

Under the terms of the contract with the construction firm, the customer has the right to make changes to the project. Thus, it is not uncommon for simple standard projects to be replaced by individual designs. Sometimes, foreseeing such a turn of events, the customer is provided to view the standard designs and at the same time individual designs that are most suitable for the originally selected house.

Mainly it’s about the combination of materials. Their coincidence in different types of projects facilitates the work of translating a simple type of design to a higher exclusive level. It is worth noting that for true professionals nothing is impossible, so at the request of the customer sometimes combined construction options are also considered.

Assembling a wooden house according to a typical project

As indicated above, the material from which the structure of the house can be erected varies. Houses made of brick and block are more expensive. This material is more often used in the construction of individual character. In addition, you must also consider the prices of the work. Wood is a cheaper material, but in general each type is popular in equal measure.

Projects of wooden houses, this is the first thing that people who are in the mood for economical construction pay attention to. In other words, they are closer to the typical project. The advantages of such a choice include shortened terms of work. Sometimes enough just one week to put the frame and make the sheathing. Of course, without taking into account the foundation.

Under good weather conditions, the complete erection of a one-story structure on a simple project with full exterior and interior finishes, with the execution of electrical and underground utility installations takes a little more than a month.

When the customer does not expect to change anything in the future, he can order a ready-made structure. Recently, this type of construction has become very popular. In construction markets you can often find such examples. All of them are mostly made according to standard designs.

The only thing that will have to be erected separately is the foundation. In order to speed up the time for its installation, they resort to the screw types of appropriate structures.

The main advantages of custom designs are

Custom home projects are distinguished by their originality and exclusivity. This is a well-known fact.

When the architect’s imagination and his professional level are equally high, and he is conscientious about his work, people who have decided to spend money on building a house that assumes an exclusive external form and non-standard internal layout, can fully trust the professional qualities of the master. He must translate into reality the customer’s confidence that his house is unique and inimitable.

Here it is important to work on every element. Carefully elaborated architectural ensemble, a clear combination of all additional decorative exterior and interior elements of the house. Such may be considered columns, overhead projections for the arrangement of summer balconies.

Inside the house, in addition to determining the areas of the main and auxiliary rooms and their placement relative to each other, the design of the staircase connecting the first and second floors is developed. The most popular type is the spiral form of elevation.

More often than not, based on a pattern that assumes the customer has a personal vehicle, custom home designs with a garage are developed. Usually under the garage the lower level of the house, below the zero mark, to the depth of the basement. Then the floor level of the first floor will be held at or above the ground level. That is to become necessary to attach a porch to the house.

The design of the entrance is also important because it represents the front of the house and it is with it that the structure itself begins. It would be wrong to consider this element as an afterthought. Professional designers always work this topic to the end.

As a result, sometimes a porch becomes a real work of art. The same can be said of exterior window openings. The appearance of window products can have different configurations. This and the standard rectangular shape and arched type. The more original the exterior design, the higher the exclusivity of the whole house.

Installing a home fireplace is a highlight of interior design

Another additional advantage of an exclusive residential structure is undoubtedly considered internal zoning. The large area of the house gives the opportunity to apply different options for layout. It can be separate rooms or combined with a combined type of layout and isolated.

In addition to determining the delineation of functioning zones, in private homes, it is customary to arrange fireplace designs. They are installed, as a rule, in living rooms. In winter, it is not only a decoration of the house, but also a source of heat.

Photo of house projects

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