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A greenhouse in the garden plot from the Ugospodara store is a necessary construction for many families. A greenhouse becomes even more appreciated when it can be heated. So you can grow your own vegetables and berries, herbs and early seedlings for the open field all year round, forgetting about vegetables of dubious quality from the nearest stores. For year-round use the most suitable greenhouses are made of polycarbonate, the quality will differ in the presence of heating.

A little understanding of the issue of installation of heating system, it is clear that with some effort all can be done yourself, and then, to heating system justified its expectations, you must first consider what type of heating is suitable for your greenhouse, as well as develop a scheme of installation and layout features of heating elements. After that you can get to work.

It is important to make sure that the heating system is compatible with the type of greenhouse.

Certain features of the heating structure should not be overlooked. Some of them cannot be used because the scale of the greenhouse is unsuitable, others because they need professional installation, which the owner cannot provide.

Such reflections are especially relevant in the field of industrial greenhouses, namely in them new advanced methods such as infrared heating, heat pumps and many others are applied. If you still decide to perform a heating project by your own forces, you must first of all learn all the theory, “stuffing” of the chosen technological process, assess all the advantages and disadvantages of a particular heating structure.

Make a preliminary calculation regarding how your greenhouse needs to be insulated so that your heat distribution will be the most efficient.

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Types of greenhouse heating

There are a huge number of ways to make heating in the greenhouse with your own hands, now let’s talk in more detail about the most in demand. There are several systems of heating.

Solar heating.

This is the simplest method of heating a room, there are no special costs, it only requires direct sunlight. It penetrates through the invisible walls of the greenhouse and heats not only the air but also the ground inside it. The key to this heating structure is to make the greenhouse not in a windy location and, of course, to avoid being near trees.

The obvious disadvantage of this method is the short daylight hours in winter and the low air temperatures in many regions, so some other method is required in conjunction with this one.

Air Heating.

This method involves the use of heating thermal ventilation tools. In order for the desired construction to function, a steel pipe must be installed, one end of which will be located inside the greenhouse, while the other end will go outdoors.


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