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The simple matter of balcony fencing can be approached from a creative point of view and opted for a designer modern glass fence. At this stage of development of construction technologies, glass fences have a low price, but an excellent appearance and feeling of soaring in space, in addition glass structures have a number of positive operational characteristics and do not require expensive care.

Glass balcony railings are used in residential premises, office buildings, restaurant terraces and shopping and entertainment complexes. Glass fences are always in harmony with absolutely any interior, bringing its “highlight” in the design of the object.

The appearance of glass seems fragile, because it is so sophisticated and refined, but in fact, glass fencing is completely safe. Glass is completely as strong as metal fencing. After all, even if somehow glass will be damaged (which is unlikely), it does not disintegrate into unsafe fragments, and is covered with cracks. Tempered glass is used for balcony railings, which is treated at 550-600 degrees, after which it undergoes a cooling process.

The end edges are the weak point of glass fencing, and you have to be more careful with them in operation and use, since their surface does not go through the extra hardening stage.

Glass fencing does not require much maintenance, it can be washed with any cleaning agents. In addition, glass balcony railings can withstand large temperature and humidity fluctuations, they are resistant to all kinds of corrosion and weather conditions. It also has a high level of mechanical strength. It is due to these characteristics, the fence made of glass serves for a long time, while its appearance remains at a high level.

Glass fencing can have a variety of designs, including glass that can be curved, which adds to the visual singularity of such fencing. Such fencing can be dismantled and relocated to another installation site if necessary.

Eco-friendliness of glass as a material is also important, it does not contain toxic substances and does not burn.

Installation of glass balcony railings is easy and fast, especially if you entrust it to the experienced professionals of our company. We work with glass and aluminum structures for a long time, we know all the details and features of these materials. Our managers are ready to help in the selection of material for balcony railings as well as to help you determine the design of this glazing. Call us and get a free consultation with professionals!

Glass balcony fencing is an individual choice for each customer, so the material and design is chosen as needed for the specific facility where the fence will be installed.

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