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Designs for the erection of a sauna

On the territory of a private house or dacha there are structures. They are a house, outbuildings, an indoor swimming pool, and a sauna. The legislation of the Russian Federation prescribes the objects subject to compulsory registration. And documents are required for their erection. Do I have to registration for the erection of a sauna and is its registration required?

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On what site to build a sauna

A piece of land, a garden piece that is in private use, has a specific purpose. It is possible to erect a structure on:

  • Land in a settlement which is designated for building (registration saunas at site RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY);
  • Land used for agricultural purposes – there is a personal subsidiary farm (PSF);
  • Dacha portion of land, if the facility is recognized as non-capital. These plots are included in partnerships and are equated by rights to residential property.

Registration for the erection of a sauna

On other categories of land construction is prohibited. Let’s say there are lands allocated only for agriculture.

After determining the feasibility of construction. sauna on the land plot, which is a private property, they prepare a draft. On the basis of this, they determine whether or not it is necessary to make a design.

Warning. If the structure is capital, with a supply of communications, as well as two floors with living rooms, then you need a building permit and mandatory registration in the Rosreestr.

Notarized capital object can be donated, rented out, sold. All transactions are notarized, following the laws of the Russian Federation.

A permit is required to erect

Permit to build a sauna

It is mandatory to register a capital building that has a supply of utilities and that has living rooms. Also required are papers giving permission to Construction of a sauna on a plot of land.

Does it need to be formalized A building to which water, heating, and electricity will be connected that has two floors? Yes, it is a capital structure and is subject to mandatory registration under state law. For its erection, you must obtain a package of documents authorizing construction.

If the proposed structure will not have amenities, communications, no living rooms, then it is considered a household building and does not require registration.

And you also need to get the appropriate folder, if it is decided to add a sauna to the house. In this case you need to change the plan of the house and approve it. Consider fire safety, impact on the foundation of the main house, increase in square meters.

The registration for the erection of a sauna

SNiP rules for construction


For the correct erection private bathhouses on their own land, it is necessary to comply with the rules. They are prescribed in SNiP 30-02-97. Sanitary and fire safety regulations are taken into account.

Failure to comply with the rules and regulations results in denial of registration, up to and including demolition of the house.

Compliance with health and safety regulations

Before you get a building permit, you need to make a plan of the future building, according to the specified meters according to SNiP:

  1. Location of the building to the adjacent garden plot – 1 m to the neighboring house, barn -15 m.
  2. Bathhouse should be в eight meters from the house (dacha), other residential premises.
  3. From the sauna to the green space (forest) – 15 m, to trees – 4 m, shrubs – 1 m distance.
  4. If there are on. Your lot. well with drinking water, the distance from the building to it is 12 m.
  5. It is mandatory that the steam room should not stand in the lowlands. This will prevent waterlogging during the melting of snow and heavy rains.
  6. When preparing the excavation for the foundation, you must be sure that there are no utilities under the ground.
  7. If there is a water space (bets) to it should be a distance – 20 m.
  8. When planning the site, pay attention to the wind flow. So that the smoke from the chimney does not go in the direction of the neighbors.

Warning. Drainage is also considered. Wastewater collection must not contaminate the ground. In some cases, a sealed storage tank is installed.

Failure to account for wastewater (sewage) will result in a fine for pollution. It is also possible to establish a complete water purification using septic tanks.

Fire safety regulations

A Russian steam room is an object of high fire hazard. It has a furnace with an open furnace. Often the sauna is built of timber, the increased temperature inside is fire hazardous. To control the rules introduced by SNiP 2.01.02-85, SNiP 21.01.97, GOST 9817-95.

The registration for the erection of a sauna.

Key points:

  1. Wood used in construction is treated with compositions that prevent combustion. And also use species that emit less resin when heated.
  2. The overlap at the outlet of the chimney must be made of non-combustible material. The radius from the chimney is 75 cm.
  3. Near the stove, the ceiling, walls and floor shall be lined with non-combustible material (metal).
  4. The stove is laid out in such a way that the furnace compartment is elevated above the floor by at least 10 cm (ash drawer).
  5. In the room mandatory ventilation, fire extinguisher.

Electrical wiring also has its own rules: a certain section of cable, circuit breaker, toggle switch “protective cutoff”.

Distance from fence to bathhouse

The sauna is erected from a variety of materials:

  • wooden bar;
  • brick;
  • blocks and panels.

And there are also various kinds of drains:

  • Drainage ditch;
  • separate pit.

On this basis, make the choice of location for the construction of the steam room. In the rules SNIP distance from the fence to the facility is 3 meters. The building must not occupy the neighboring area, and the drain will not be placed under the feet of the neighbors.

There must be at least 8 meters from the neighbor’s house to the sauna. There is an option to reduce the distance if the building is made of non-combustible material (brick). Then the distance can be reduced by 2 meters.

If the construction is carried out on land where there are no neighboring objects, then the distance from the fence is 3 meters. To this side you can make a drainage pit, the distance will be 2.5 m.

The distance between outbuildings should be at least 1 meter and the bath should be fully visible from the side (not cluttered with other objects).

How correctly To take ownership of the sauna

Registration consists of several steps. Before you can register a steam room with facilities and rest rooms as a capital construction, you need to get a permit for it.

Warning. You cannot build a facility first and then legalize it afterwards. It is considered by the state authorities as an unauthorized construction and a fine will be imposed. And if the steam room is in a natural area protected by law, then demolition.

How to get permission to build a bathhouse at the cottage

The document for construction is required if it will be a capital object. In case it is a simple building with a “barn” or a structure adjacent to another economic object (a barn), nothing is required.

A positive result is obtained at the local authority (executive committee). The application for a permit is submitted to the MFC. Together with the application you need:

  • Passport original and copy;
  • Documents for the land, extract from the UGRN;
  • land plan;
  • a diagram showing the future building and the rest of the buildings, as well as the boundaries of neighboring land with the distances to the facilities, fences.

There are cases where the landlord is not able to legalize on his own. Then it is necessary to notarize a power of attorney with the right to sign to the person who will collect and submit the papers.

After 10 days, the authority that accepted all the copies issues the title deed to construction baths.

Warning. If there are irregularities in the scheme, the authority issues a denial.

A positive answer is valid for 10 years. After this period, you can extend it by submitting additional documents.

How to properly register a bathhouse on a plot of land

After erecting a structure as a freestanding permanent building, its registration with the Federal Registration Service is required.

If the building was erected without a package of papers (at one time permission was not required), then the object can be registered under the simplified “dacha amnesty” scheme. This is stipulated by Federal Law № 93-FZ of 30.06.2006.

For compulsory legalization you need a technical passport (plan) for construction.

Registration of title can be done in a number of ways:

  • In Rosreestr, MFC in person;
  • by letter with notification;
  • online at the Rosreestr website.

To give you an example:

  1. Submitting an application online Rosreestr website – selecting the “cadastral registration” tab

  1. Filling out the form step by step

  1. Attached copies (scanned documents with clear stamps and signatures, dates).
  2. Payment for services (attachment of receipts from bank), receiving confirmation of application.
  3. Obtaining an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

Required Documents:

  • Application;
  • passport and copy;
  • Land title papers, excerpt from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities;
  • land plan;
  • building permit;
  • technical passport;
  • A receipt for the state duty paid.

Within 10 days, the building is registered. The owner is given an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities with the corresponding entry.

If you don’t register the bathhouse.

If the owner felt that registration was not necessary, then the following might be the case:

  1. Penalty of 20% of the amount of tax not paid. If the bathhouse is larger than 50 m2then you have to pay the full amount of tax for three years and a fine.
  2. Litigation. The object is considered unauthorized built, they find violations of sanitary and other norms.

A bathhouse without registration cannot be donated, sold or rented out.


A bathhouse is considered a capital structure if it has:

  • rest rooms;
  • Conducted electricity, heating, water.

If the room is larger than 50 m2, then you have to pay tax.

You need a permit to build such a structure. And upon completion of construction – registration in the Federal Registration Service.

It is not necessary to register in the state order an extension to the household outbuildings, a small room without facilities and communications.

For permission and registration you need to follow a number of rules, collect a package of documents. If it’s all done. legally and correctly you can avoid litigation and penalties. Should. to break the law is shown in the video:


Photo of the bathhouse on the site

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