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There are many reasons why a plot of land can be uneven. You can give it the proper look by leveling the landscape. And the more flaws, the more effort will have to be put into it.

Small plots can be leveled by their own forces – it is only necessary to allocate time, show desire and patience. If necessary – ask for help from friends and relatives.

However, a large area with large depressions, elevations, and slopes will be difficult to level by yourself. You may need to get rid of the entire top layer. In this case, it is recommended to contact an organization that performs this type of work and has the necessary special equipment.

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What is the need for

The irregularities of the plot will show their weaknesses when you want to put a garden on it, place seedbeds or any structure.

An uneven surface can also be an obstacle when laying a walkway or foundation. In this case, unevenness can cause unreliability of objects. That is, it can lead to the emergence of danger for the owner of the site or members of his family. Therefore, it is better to make everything qualitatively and reliably.

Yes, and the overall appearance will be greatly improved if the site is previously leveled. Here is a photo of a level site:

Leveling on time

The ideal time to start work is after the house is completed, the utilities system is in place, and before the site is lined with paths, decorations, and fixtures for recreation.

As for the seasons, it is best to level the plot in the fall, since in the winter-spring period abundant precipitation and low temperatures will contribute to soil shrinkage and infuse it with additional minerals and fertilizers. The latter will be a plus for gardeners and vegetable growers.

Ways to do it.

Let’s turn to the question of how to level a plot. The plot can be leveled with a power tiller, and the imperfections will be eliminated up to fifteen centimeters in height. This method requires subsequent fine-tuning by hand. It is carried out, for example, with a rake – with uniform movements smooth out small irregularities.

A more radical method is a tractor with a bucket. This way you can level large clods. If you decide to level an area with a tractor, the scope of work will be one meter deep.

A different method from the previously listed will be to fill a new layer on top of the uneven layer. This method is most effective for comparing slopes.

The easiest way to level is to use the services of a specialized organization. Order a tractor that can best level the surface. Mechanical treatment is best supplemented by steam treatment. As a rule, the cost of such services does not exceed one thousand rubles and the payment for refueling.

Getting rid of everything unnecessary

Before you start leveling the soil layer itself, it is necessary to remove all debris and junk: the remains of building materials, waste, stones, trees and branches, plants. You can do it yourself or order the services of special services.

It is most convenient to remove the excess from the site in the spring, after the snow and water have melted and the top layer of soil has dried up a little.

Steam tillage

A unique technology is the use of steam to level an area in the country house. Exposure to steam will ensure an even surface later on, rid the soil of weeds, and counteract pests.

Steam treatment can be done by yourself – scald the top fertile layer of soil with boiled water, thereby destroying germs, bacteria, and so on.

In addition to boiling water, in order to get, for example, a flat area under the lawn, you can use machinery – steam machines will get rid of problems with a layer of about thirty centimeters.

Instead of steam, you can treat the soil with substances such as sulfur (can be used in the form of sulfur balls), lime, copper oxide.


Large plots (from five hectares) are more rational to treat by ordering the appropriate services from the appropriate organization. Professionals will perform the work more qualitatively and accurately. For example, with the help of a cultivator. In different regions the cost of such services will be different. The price is also influenced by the condition of the surface of the land.

So, the average price of renting special equipment varies from 1.5 to 2 thousand. And the call of a consulting specialist and his services – from 2.5 to 4.5. Removal of a tree, shrubs, stumps on average will cost about 500 rubles. You will have to pay for the leveling of the plot, depending on its size – the number of square meters.

These are approximate rates, to which, if you order the leveling of the plot from a company, you should add payment for soil fillers, various expenses, such as transportation costs. It is cheaper to level a garden plot yourself, having spent less money on consulting and renting special equipment.

How to treat a plot yourself

A small plot can be leveled with your own hands. At the same time it is necessary to remember some rules. Carrying out works on leveling should begin with the removal of the top layer of soil. It is better to move the removed layer over the edge of the plot.

To get an even surface, break up large clods, dig protruding irregularities, move the soil into depressions. If there is excess soil in the process, it can be moved to the greenhouse or simply removed from the site.

It is better to cultivate the soil in twenty days, as during this period it will settle down enough. It won’t hurt to cultivate the soil either.

The final stage of cultivation is the work of a rake. With this tool you can remove small irregularities and small debris.

What to do when reducing soil fertility

In the process of leveling the land plot, the fertile layer is partially removed. Here you should remember that such soil is quite rich in fertilizers, so you should not immediately get rid of it.

You can use such soil in the greenhouse or spread on top of the plot in an even layer. Oxygenation by loosening can add to the fertility of the top layer.

If the fertility of the soil has nevertheless been lost, or if too thin a layer remains, you can always buy fertile soil from the specialist store.

In this case, it is not necessary to completely replace the soil on the plot, it is enough to mix a little with the already available. You can also replenish the fertile layer with sand, ash and lime.

Bottom line

You can make the leveling of the land on the plot on your own, using the support of acquaintances or with the help of professionals. It is better to use the appropriate tools and special equipment, as well as with due attention to the advice of professionals.

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