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Entrance door to a private house should be reliable and have good thermal insulation properties. There is an impressive variety of doors on the market, so choosing the right one can be a problem. There are some subtleties that you should know if you decide to buy a street door yourself. The latter can be made of wood, metal or PVC combined with metal. Let’s take a closer look at each option.

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Wooden doors

If you install wooden entry doors for your home, you may encounter a number of disadvantages afterward. The surface of the door needs regular restoration of the protective layer of varnish or paint. In addition, wood is a fire hazardous material. The price of the door is very high. However, the appearance of the product is exquisite and the material itself is environmentally friendly.

Only quality materials and proper treatment can help protect against burglary. Redwood, maple or oak are considered to be excellent. Soft in processing and economical is pine. Metal profiles should be used to reinforce the door structure, for example, aluminum.

Metal doors

The strength of a metal door depends directly on the thickness of the steel used to make it. As a rule, the popular variants are made of metal with a thickness of 1.2 to 2 mm. The doors are equipped with special stiffening ribs.

There are several types of ribs: transverse, longitudinal and combined. Longitudinal reinforcement protects the entrance door against this method of burglary, when the corner is bent. Transverse ribs will resist pushing the door surface. The combination variant combines the advantages of the previous ones.

The highest strength can be achieved by armoring the door leaf. In the manufacture of such doors, the technology of safes with a bulletproof surface is used.

In addition, it makes sense to use some means to protect the door structure: install reinforced hinges.

Insulated doors for the house can avoid the formation of ice or frost at sub-zero temperatures. Since metal has a high thermal conductivity, the room can lose up to 25% of the heat. Mineral wool is used, in some cases corrugated cardboard, as well as extruded polystyrene foam.

The special finish of the doors can cope with the aggressive effects of natural factors in the form of direct sunlight, rain, snow, temperature fluctuations. Therefore, the use of chipboard or MDF makes no sense, over time, even the coating of polyvinyl chloride will not be able to provide adequate protection.

The best protection is considered to be paint with a hammer effect, when the treated metal surface resembles chasing, the processing of metal with a hammer. The pigments and silicone resin give excellent moisture protection. The treated surface easily repels dirt, so the door leaf does not require any special maintenance.

In addition, painted doors are spectacular to look at, and the color retains its saturation for quite a long time. The paint can be applied with a roller or sprayer, and this procedure is done several times. The multilayer coating is a guarantee of quality products.

It is possible to use specially treated shiplap panels of solid oak, pine or alder. Such a coating gives the doors a chic look, but its cost is also high. High quality wood is treated with a special water-resistant glue. It is used to make panels of appropriate size.

When choosing a door, it is important to know what kind of locking mechanism is used. Most of the heat in the room is lost just because of the door locks. The best metal entrance doors are considered to be those equipped with two types of locks at the same time – a suvald and a cylinder lock. A lever lock is practically impossible to break, while a cylinder lock is extremely difficult to pick.

All mechanisms in terms of protection are divided into several classes. If it is an entrance door, then the best option would be class 3 and 4 protection. To find out what class of lock applies to a particular door, you need to refer to the product data sheet.

Combination of metal and plastic

Doors of this type are strong enough, have a long service life, are reliable and easy to maintain. It is undeniable that a steel door is superior, but it is worth remembering that the front door is not the only place from which intruders can break into the house.

Today, polyvinyl chloride doors are very widely used in the construction of low-rise buildings. The advantage of such doors is that they are not subject to icing and condensation.

Production of plastic entrance doors resembles the production of plastic windows. But in general, the technology is different. Since there are always high requirements for door constructions, a special reinforced PVC profile is used in the production.

A quality door unit should be made of a five-chamber profile with a thickness of at least 70 mm. The metal frame significantly strengthens the entire structure. Stiffness of the frame is ensured by strong corner fasteners. Heavy-duty frame allows the installation of heavy-duty hinges and anti-burglary locks. Heat and water insulation is provided by a rubber seal located on four sides of the frame and door leaf.

In the photos of entrance doors to the house of this type, you can see all the variety of finishes, as well as inserts of triplex or armored glass. You can find doors with stained glass and tinted glass.

When choosing a door, pay attention to the glazing area. Reliable model will be considered, the surface of the glazing does not exceed a third of the entire product. The top of the door is set aside for the glass, to make the view better.

According to the number of sashes, single-leaf and double-leaf models are distinguished. The latter are used when the width of the opening is impressive and requires even distribution of the leaf load on the hinges. The peculiarity of metal plastic doors is that it is possible to meet among them arch and round variants.

Choosing in the catalog of the best doors model for your own home, it is necessary to pay special attention to the handle. It is important that in addition to an attractive appearance, it should be made of durable material.

Before you opt for a particular model, it is worth inquiring about the material of the handles. If silumin is used, it is better not to buy such a door, because it is a light and low-strength alloy. Handles made of pressed aluminum quickly burst.

It is also important to pay attention to the number of hinges. The door itself is quite heavy (sometimes weighing up to 70 kg), so it should be hung on at least three hinges.

The question of what doors to choose for the house necessarily arises at some point in the construction process. There are many nuances of choosing a front door, and there is no general correct advice to give.

Take into account your own preferences, as well as a number of important factors discussed above. Then the acquired entrance door will last a long time and will not require much time for its maintenance.

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