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When choosing the equipment you will use in the farm, you need to consider not only the technical indicators and performance of the work, but also the convenience of the operator. After all, the bulky and heavy designs of the saws used previously required great effort and care in operation.

Modern models are more compact and lightweight, they are very easy to use in everyday life and production. How to choose an electric chainsaw and what you need to know, we will describe in this article.

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Design and principle of operation

The electric chainsaw is considered an environmentally friendly tool – the absence of harmful exhaust gases allows its use indoors. Structurally, there are the following main parts:

  • The electric motor, which is housed in a robust housing;
  • Guide rails;
  • chain;
  • Oil reservoir to accommodate a pump with a lubricating agent.

On the body is a control box with buttons for switching on and locking, a handle, and a safety guard. Some models are equipped with a special lever to adjust the chain tension.

When the fixture is plugged in and the motor is turned on, the gearbox is started. Thanks to the direct drive, the movement is transmitted to the sprocket. It starts to rotate the chain, which causes the material to be cut. The chain itself is wider than the bar that holds it in place. Therefore, there is no locking of the mechanism during operation.

Thanks to the operation of the pump, an adequate amount of oil is supplied to the cutting blade. If the model is equipped with a lubrication intensity control, the electric wood saw can work with different material densities.

The volume of the oil reservoir is 120-150 ml, which is enough for 120 minutes of work. It is important to control the level of the substance during the sawing process, because a lack of it leads to poor lubrication and subsequent machine failure.

Engine Parameters

When choosing equipment, it is necessary to focus on quality models from proven manufacturers. Only in this case, you will be able to get a productive device with a long service life. Among the best manufacturers are Bosch, Stihl, Foresta, Partner, Sparky.

Motor power

Sawing equipment can be professional and domestic. The first is able to withstand quite large loads and work for long periods of time continuously. But the household tool cannot be used for a long time without a break. After 15-20 minutes of operation it is necessary to make a pause so that the engine had time to cool down.

The motor power for an electric saw determines its performance and durability. For time-consuming operations involving the sawing of thick branches, more powerful equipment will be required. In such a case, you should not take units with parameters less than 2-4 kW. If the work is irregular, the volume of material is small, the “engine” of 1.5-2 kW will be enough.

During work in country houses, it is worth taking care of the stabilizer, because during surges the function of current growth in the motor will be triggered. And this will create an additional load on it. In case of power surges, you should provide a power reserve and choose models with thermal control elements.

With this feature, the saw will automatically shut off when the temperature of the “motor” windings reaches a certain threshold. However, frequent shutdown of the unit will reduce its performance and may cause it to malfunction.

Motor placement

The motor can have two types of placement – transverse and longitudinal. Each option has its own advantages and facilitates the work of the user. In the transverse type of installation, the axis of the “motor” lies perpendicular to the width of the device. This shifts the center of gravity, which causes the need to maintain balance while working.

It is advisable to saw fallen trees with this electric saw because the action will be vertical from top to bottom.

It is awkward to work with an electric saw that has a transverse motor arrangement horizontally, and the rifling will be very uneven. It is also difficult to cut branches at a level greater than human height.

Longitudinal designs are more comfortable, but also cost much more. All elements of the saw are balanced. The tool is characterized by high mobility, with such a blade it is convenient to cut on corners. Cutting is done at any angle, this unit is very comfortable to hold in the hands, the work will be quite comfortable.

Chain brake and locking system

When working with hardwoods, there may be situations where, after the chain has touched the surface to be worked, the machine will bounce back in the direction of a person. In such a situation, it is necessary to activate the protective shield on the housing near the handle. The moment the unit rebounds, the hand involuntarily touches the guard and shifts it. The chain stops instantly, eliminating injury to the operator.

The accidental start lock button is another safety feature. After all, a person can accidentally pick up the instrument and start it. This option also reduces the level of injury and should definitely be present in the selected tool.

Over-temperature monitoring relay

This part allows you to monitor changes in the motor temperature. When it reaches a critical value, the motor is automatically shut down. Such situations are often encountered when an inexperienced worker forgets to check the oil level.

Lack of lubrication leads to overheating and failure of the machine. To prevent this, a relay is triggered. This function is not present in all models in the catalog of electric saws. Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to its presence in the purchased machine.

Blade size.

The dimensions of the cutting part are determined by the purpose of using the machine. For home conditions it is necessary to stop the choice on household models with a bar length of 300-400 mm. This will be enough to quickly cut branches from growing or fallen trees, to produce firewood for the winter.

Professionals are better to choose universal machines with a large-sized bar. With its help you can saw thick trees and dense material. The differences in professional and domestic equipment can be seen in the photo of an electric chainsaw.

Adjusting the chain tension

The use of low profile chains provides less tool vibration during operation. Two fundamentally different ways of adjusting the tension can be applied to the models:

  • Classic – To adjust, you have to loosen the screws that hold the rail in place. And then use a screwdriver to move them to the right distance.
  • Simplified – you need to loosen the nut and then move the slider. This causes the chain tension to change.

How to extend the life of a tool

An electric saw, like any other tool, requires careful handling and maintenance. Over time, individual parts can deteriorate, for example, sometimes the gears in an electric saw need to be replaced.

But there are certain rules to consider.

  • First, condensation forms on the motor windings during the winter storage period. Therefore, when the machine is switched on in the spring, the moisture causes a short circuit. To eliminate this phenomenon, keep the saw in a warm room for 1-2 days.
  • Secondly, voltage fluctuations also harm the tool. It is necessary to constantly monitor this parameter, if necessary buy a stabilizer. Also, you should not overload the motor – regularly turn it off after 15-20 minutes of operation.

It is also important to buy models that have a soft start option. Since a powerful electrical charge is applied to the windings at start-up, this feature will help prolong the life of the electric saw.

An electric saw is a useful tool in any owner’s arsenal. Especially if you regularly visit your dacha. It is necessary to choose the most suitable model and observe the mode of correct operation. Then any work will be your pleasure.

Photo of an electric chainsaw

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