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Every organization should take care to make it easy for both employees and customers to navigate inside the office. To this end, it is necessary to order door signs on the website of the company “Visinform”. There you can also buy a badge on a magnet and other promotional and souvenir products.

Badges, depending on their purpose, are divided into several types. We will talk about them in this article.

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For the office

In offices and businesses, door signs are always used to make it easier for employees and visitors to navigate in a large room. They usually have the following basic information on them:

  • office number:

  • Name of the person who occupies the office;

  • position.

Additionally, the schedule of visitors, warnings, and prohibitions are indicated.

Office signs can have the most diverse design, as manufacturers use different materials. Recently, given the trend towards environmental friendliness, wooden signs have become very popular. You can order them at

The most reliable and durable are door signs made of metal. They effectively resist the influence of external unfavorable factors and will faithfully last for many years. Usually such types of metal as aluminum, steel and brass are used.

Plastic signs are the most budget-friendly. They are recommended for use indoors, because outdoors they are exposed to the negative effects of moisture, temperature fluctuations, sunlight.

For the home

For the home, you can order signs that resemble office signs in their design. Only the inscriptions on them will be of a completely different nature. As a rule, they are inspirational phrases, jokes, images of animals and so on. Signs for the home can also have a warning character, such as “Beware of the evil dog!

Home signs have different fastenings. The most convenient option is Velcro. There are also signs that need to be attached to self-tapping screws or glued with double-sided adhesive tape. Similar fastening have similar signs, which can be ordered here


A dorhanger is a small plaque that is attached to a door handle. It has a curved shape for this purpose.

As a rule, dorchengers are used in hotels to notify the staff not to disturb the guests or, on the contrary, to clean the room. Nowadays such signs are also actively used in advertising.

Dorkhangers are made of different materials. The most common are plastic, acrylic and wood. There are also cardboard samples.


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