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In today’s world, it is difficult to surprise people with any kind of flashy architecture. But having seen the houses, which will be discussed in the article, it is impossible not to admire their originality. Let’s talk about such unique constructions, such as domed houses. In addition to their, unusual for the Russians, appearance, designs are famous for their functionality.

All projects of dome houses are individual, the owners use different materials for construction, layout, interior and exterior design of the house. The area of usable space in such a house is maximum. In this regard, spherical structures are rapidly gaining popularity in Russia.

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Advantages and disadvantages of domed houses

In the West have long mastered the technology of construction of dome houses, now the fashion for such buildings has reached the Russian builders. Original appearance, ergonomic design and environmentally friendly materials used in construction attract not only lovers of the latest trends, but also supporters of hermit life alone with nature.

The main advantages of dome homes include:

Cost-effectiveness. The cost of building such a house is a quarter less than the construction of a standard house of the same area. On the foundation, too, you can save money, without risking the reliability of housing.

The thing is that the construction of such houses weighs very little, therefore, does not need a solid foundation. Huge construction equipment is also not needed, you can assemble the house without it.

Quick and easy to assemble. Time, which is always in short supply, can be saved significantly, to build a small sphere is enough for one week. The very assembly of the house-sphere does not require the possession of special skills.

Comfort. The air in dome buildings does not stagnate and the amount of noise penetrating into the house from the street is less than in conventional houses. A large amount of light, optimal layout with practical use of space, all this makes living in such houses very comfortable.

Versatility. Such buildings easily fit into both urban and natural landscape, the place for its construction without difficulty can be chosen on any site. And to the built house you can always join additional rooms of the same shape.

Reliability. Due to their geodesic shape such structures are very stable and durable, they are not afraid of wind gusts and earthquakes, and the roof can withstand a large layer of snow. Even dome houses made of polystyrene foam are more reliable than conventional brick or stone structures.

Energy efficiency. Dome-shaped buildings lose heat more slowly and need less energy for heating. Also, the shape of the house is very convenient for placing solar panels on it.

There are far fewer disadvantages to such structures.

The main disadvantage is the need for more expensive window constructions.

All furniture and appliances are designed to fit into a house with right angles. Furniture in such a house should be chosen particularly carefully, so as not to clutter the space and use it rationally.

For the construction of a half-sphere house requires a larger plot of land than for a conventional building.

A psychological barrier that people have because of a structure that is too unusual and unreliable to look at. Many people unknowingly consider such houses to be unsafe, cold, and cannot even imagine how one can replace a house, familiar from childhood with a square shape, with a round one.

The shape of a sphere seems ridiculous to many people, but with proper design, the shape can be the culmination of a modern creative space.

Design, materials, and construction features

The construction technology of the dome house is based on the frame system. Due to the low weight of the frame structure, it is possible to use a pole foundation. The frame is most often made of wood, as this material is considered durable and environmentally friendly. However, to increase reliability, some builders make the frame metal, although this significantly increases the cost of the house.

The reinforced frame is clad with protective and decorative panels, between which insulation and electrical wiring are laid. Partitions between rooms, windows and doorways are installed as in conventional houses. The division into rooms is often simply absent, which makes the house more spacious and luminous.

Connectors are used as connecting elements for frame parts. They carry the heaviest loads during the operation of the building. Therefore, it is very important to carefully choose connectors and do not save when buying them. If high-quality products have a high price, it is better to make them to order in a metal workshop than to buy cheap analogues.

Catalogs of spherical homes offer a variety of designs, but they often choose eco-friendly substrates for construction. The substrate for the roof is usually made of 3rd or 4th grade OSB boards. Such boards are made by pressing wood shavings bonded with synthetic resins, and they can withstand high loads.

The top layer of the roof can be flexible shingles, it takes a rounded shape perfectly, so it is quick and easy to install.

Photos of domed houses make it clear that the layout in them can be completely different. For the construction of interior partitions, the usual gypsum board is excellent. This material is easy enough to use. Interior finishing of the sphere is not different from the finishing of the apartment, the same methods can be used.

If the basis is not laid metal frame, the weight of the building in a disassembled state is not great, and allows you to easily transport it to a new place. Assembly and disassembly of the structure does not require much effort and time, so even one person can cope with it.

Japanese technology

The Japanese are, as always, ahead of the rest of the world. When it comes to cutting-edge developments, they are the best. Not only have they developed a special method of construction, but they also applied a material that is not familiar to many people. Their technology involves the construction of dome houses made of foam plastic. This material is excellent insulation, reduces noise and is very inexpensive.

The frame of the building is assembled from individual blocks, with openings for doors and windows provided in advance. For the construction choose polystyrene foam of different thickness, depending on the weather conditions in a particular area. The sphere is installed on a strip foundation or a wooden frame.

The main advantage of Japanese dome houses is their mobility. Reliability is tested by the harsh climate and natural disasters, which are not uncommon in Japan. When finished well, these buildings are no worse than conventional ones.

Interior Features

To create an unusual interior of a domed house, it is enough to use available environmentally friendly materials. The interior design in such a building in any case will be non-standard.

Tips for decorating a spherical shaped room:

  • Making custom furniture is a great way to save space.
  • Use furniture that follows the shape of the walls but is not adjacent to them, for example, the coffee table top may well be semi-circular.
  • When installing interior utilities, the finish and shape of the interior walls plays a major role.
  • To create a harmonious atmosphere – use more than one light source.
  • Planning to get a fireplace, you should install it in the center of the room, so it will be a highlight of the whole project, and will not waste heat heating the outside walls.
  • If the windows are located high, you should think about an automatic opening system.

Photos of domed houses.


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