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For the production of metal products for the needs of the automotive, energy and construction industries by cold-forming, they use rolled sheets. The material obtained by cold-rolled method has a perfectly smooth surface, differs in hardness and thickness. On the site of “Orinnox” offers a wide range of products, corresponding to domestic and foreign standards. A wide assortment of stainless steel products is sold.

Carbon grades of steel are used in the manufacture of the sheet. The thickness of the sheet is 0.35-5 mm. Products are divided into types according to several characteristics. One of the parameters is the quality of surface finish. According to this criterion there are four groups. Accordingly, the first has the highest finish, and the fourth – ordinary. In terms of accuracy, sheets are divided into two categories – A and B. Edging is trimmed and unedged. Bent corners, folds, twists are unacceptable.

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In what fields is it used

The products are distinguished by their high performance characteristics. This makes it suitable and in demand in various industries. Rolled cold-rolled sheets are taken as the basis for the manufacture of steel structures. It produces high-precision products that are resistant to strong temperature increases. The material is also used to make corrugated, galvanized and perforated sheets for roofing.

Cold-rolled sheet metal is purchased for construction needs. It is not without it when making the body for automobile transport, canning containers, decapier for enamelware. Popularity of the material is associated with the extreme ease of its processing. It can be easily pressed, welded, covered with galvanized compound.

Additional processing methods make cold-rolled sheet metal versatile. Orinnox also provides metal processing services of varying degrees of complexity. The right products with clear, precise contours and lines are made by precision cutting. There is no fixed cost, the price depends on the volume and complexity of the order.

Manufacturing Standards

There are several criteria that necessarily guide the manufacturer. Thus, the standards allow different degrees of density of the sheets. It is normal, improved, high and especially high. Rolled steel with a maximum thickness of up to 2 mm is divided into varieties depending on the ability to pull. According to this criterion, there are four types, from very difficult to difficult. Each customer establishes his own requirements for the characteristics, so they can vary.

To improve the technical and operational properties of the sheet, it is treated with additional compositions. They also vary. Special varnishes, galvanized, plastisol coatings are used. There is also hot-dip galvanized treatment. Bloat, weld tears, bubbles and other defects on the surface are not allowed. If the material is reused, only one side should be perfectly smooth, without damage.

What are the main benefits

The demand for cold-rolled sheet metal is due to the exceptional advantages it possesses. The main advantages include:

  • high strength;
  • increased rigidity;
  • smooth surface, characterized by a pleasant shine, minimal waviness;
  • dimensional accuracy.

Cold-rolling technology produces very thin sheets of excellent quality with a perfectly smooth surface. The characteristics determine the application areas of the product. The thinnest blanks are good for tin products and utensils. Medium thickness material is used for roofing and walls. By cold rolling, other types of steel are produced – electrical, stainless steel.

The company “Orinnox” offers to buy sheet metal from the best manufacturers. This is both domestic and foreign companies. In the manufacture take as a basis several specifications and GOSTs. All the presented materials precisely comply with Russian and world standards. According to State Standard there are also different surface quality of cold-rolled sheets.


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