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The moment has come when your dream has come true – you have purchased a plot of land, which you have long wanted, and finally the opportunity to build a wooden country house for yourself has fallen out. This raised a lot of questions: what will it be, what kind of finish, what design inside or outside? What should be the ceiling finish in a wooden house? And other questions related to construction and decoration.

Has the house been built, the walls are ready to be finished, but the ceilings are still intact? What will they be? Decide on a variety of choices by looking at photos of wood house ceilings.

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Private home slabs and their construction

In order for all ceiling space finishing work to be done according to all the rules and requirements of construction, it is necessary to understand what the slab is in the section.

The standard slab construction consists of:

  • Interior finish, which often does not carry any useful function, but rather has a decorative function,
  • vapor barrier film, which will protect the house from moisture from the outside,
  • layer of insulating material, the purpose of this layer is simple – to insulate the house, starting with insulation of the ceiling,
  • Waterproofing – helps insulation not to get wet from the outside,
  • decking or flooring of the upper floor (not a necessary item if you do not plan to use the room, which is directly above the finishing area).

How to choose the right insulation

Depending on the type of insulation will depend on the method of laying it. The most common types are:

Stone wool and mineral wool. They are similar to wool and hold heat very well. These materials are attractive for their ease of installation, low cost, and low weight. The disadvantages include its ability to accumulate moisture if poor waterproofing has been done.

A good material is Styrofoam. It is quite light and hard. It retains heat well. Has a low cost and easy to install. The disadvantages are that foam plastic emits harmful substances, is flammable, does not like high temperatures.

In a fire, foam plastic melts, becomes fluid and easily spreads the flame of fire to all materials that are in its vicinity. Therefore, it is undesirable to use it for ceiling finish, especially in a wooden house.

Bulk insulation – these include sawdust, expanded clay, sand and others. They have a low cost. The disadvantages include the need for sufficient space for the mound of such insulation.

How to choose an exterior finish

Given that renovations are quite complicated and costly in terms of money, you need to think right away what your exterior ceiling finish in a wooden house will be.

To the most democratic variants of finishing can be attributed the usual panels of plastic. True visually they do not look very nice. The disadvantages still include limited color solutions, a small selection of patterns, as well as the fragility of the panels. All of these disadvantages apply to most types of suspended panel coverings.

Laminate as a ceiling finish is not cheap. The truth is it looks very decent. The advantages include a large choice of textures and colors.

Stretch ceilings. Probably one of the few materials that are not afraid of house shrinkage. Quite demanding to have good ventilation of the space between the ceiling and the ceiling. They have a wide variety of colors and patterns.

The cost of the material as well as its installation is decreasing every year, so they are becoming more and more affordable for the common consumer. It will be easy and simple to make a beautiful ceiling in a wooden house with a tensioned design.

Drywall. The most common finish option. As a result – you will have a perfectly smooth ceiling. Ask any builder – what to cover the ceiling, and he will give you the answer – of course, plasterboard!

Designers love drywall for its variability – it allows you to create multi-level designs. The disadvantages of such a slab can be attributed to the mandatory creation of a framework, which must hold everything on itself. Unfortunately, plasterboard cannot be filed directly to the rough slab.

Wainscoting. Goes well with the walls of a wooden country house. There is an opinion that the linings are used only for covering balconies or baths. This is an erroneous opinion.

The most important thing is to choose the right construction batten and not to forget to treat it in the end with a finish coating (stain with varnish or paint). This way the wood will not lose its appearance over time. Looks good such a ceiling, if you have a home design of country or provincial.

MDF panels. They have a good appearance, but are very demanding for good waterproofing. If you have a high humidity in the room – do not do the ceiling with MDF panels. The cost of their low.

Ceiling by yourself with your own hands

Ceiling design in a country house can be diverse. A private house gives more flights of fancy and freedom of choice than an ordinary apartment. In the house the ceilings are much higher, and in a wooden house the walls are already finished with wood!

At first glance – to make the ceiling with their own hands in a wooden house, the task is quite simple and easy. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. It is very easy to make a crate and carry out the installation of plasterboard sheets. However, working with wood requires compliance with certain rules.

Wood is a moveable material. Over the years, a house built of wood can shift and cracks and crevices can appear. Wood is very sensitive to high humidity, temperature changes (both exterior and interior).

In order to ensure that the drywall ceiling does not give cracks, it is necessary to carry out its installation correctly.

Before you make your own ceiling ceiling in the house, you need to understand what kind of ceiling is in it. Often in such houses do girder underlayment ceiling or the one that will be made using the method of continuous rolling.

A joist ceiling is always made of planks lined between stacked beams. A solid rolled ceiling is a type of ceiling slab that is made of logs. In this case, you will have to make a batten in advance.

Whichever option you choose, we advise you to read the information about the material for the ceiling or consult with experts beforehand.

Photos of ceilings in a wooden house


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