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All country houses during the cold season need to be heated. But often there is no central heating in such houses, so such houses are equipped with a stove. In this case, the consumer furnace heating is provided with a rich choice of stoves with different appearance, operating principles, type of fuel used and materials for their manufacture. You can get acquainted with these types by looking at a photo of a cast iron stove.

However, the most popular in the Russian market is the traditional cast iron stove.

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The familiar modification, which had such popularity in the old days, has undergone significant changes in the modern period. So, for the modern heating device belonging to this type is characterized by a huge variety of forms, which are almost completely unlike the burzhuyka of past times. In addition, there are also significant differences in design and the ability to fit into the interior. Even more information about heating and equipment can be seen here.

Cast iron is used in the manufacture of such equipment. This material contributes to the durability and high thermal conductivity of furnaces. In this case, in comparison with other metals, for example, with steel, cast iron is not subject to deformation under the influence of high temperatures. This contributes to reliability in operation, ensures the strength of the structure as a whole, including due to the thickness of the walls, which is about 10 mm.

A cast iron stove is distinguished by its increased thermal conductivity, which makes it ideal for a rarely heated room, or if you need to heat a room quickly. The speed of heating the air in the room is a few minutes.

That said, it should be noted that even after the fuel has burned through, the heat still continues to spread as the thick cast iron walls retain a high temperature for a long time.

It is also worth noting such a characteristic as compactness. Such equipment is mobile, that is, it can be moved if necessary. It is best to place such an oven on a non-combustible surface, for example, on a metal sheet.

The start of firing should be preceded by the connection of the chimney. The chimney is connected to the side or top of the outlet pipe.

In general, the cast iron stove is a metal box that is placed on a support, so the device is a fairly simple construction. In this case, the door can be found in front of this box, also for controlling the combustion process, there is a heat-resistant glass insert on it. Also, some cast iron stoves have a cooking plate on top.

The heating equipment is either one-piece or combined, which depends on how the body is made. Solid construction combines several elements, cast in a special way, between which they are fastened by heat-resistant sealant. Combined type of construction is distinguished by the fact that the furnace is surrounded by an additional layer of ceramic tiles.

Possible options.

Such a stove as a burzhuyka might have been used only for heating a room. However, this is already in the past. At the moment, the functionality of heating stoves is expanded, many different designs are created. The cast iron stove is now used not only for dachas.

For example, quite often for heating equipment that has a water circuit, or cast-iron stoves with such a characteristic as long burning. The water circuit implies the presence of two-layer walls, between which there is water.

A cast-iron stove is used as a heater for a single room or a whole dwelling, and the stove is connected to the heating system. Country houses and cottages usually have stoves that replace boilers. The reason for this is the ease of installation and operation of such equipment in general.

When the need for heating equipment arises, it is worthwhile to prevent heat loss through the chimney of the stove, as it can be applied to heat the house. And the use of equipment that has a water circuit, in addition to its standard purpose, can also be extended to cooking.

Such a characteristic of cast iron heating equipment as continuous burning is inherent only in special models that have a specific principle of operation. This together gives this type of furnace a number of advantages.

For example, it saves on the fuel consumed, has a large coefficient of performance, a high rate of heating the air in the room, as well as a large heat output.

Such furnaces are able to maintain the desired temperature level for the required period of time. Thus, cast iron stoves are a budget option, which will be useful in country houses and in places where it is difficult to replenish fuel.

Pros and cons.

Each type of heating device has its own principle of operation. However, the furnace has a number of positive aspects, as well as negative ones. Therefore, when making a choice of heating unit, it is worth first examining them by looking at a catalog of cast iron stoves.

So, let’s look at the advantages. The advantages of a cast iron stove are that one of the common types of fuel is wood. This type is called a wood-fired cast iron stove. This aspect is especially important in modern times, when other types of fuel have to be purchased at a much higher price.

At the same time, wood in our country is unlikely to run out in the near future. Also, the stove melts quickly, that is, it does not require much time to warm the house.

Let’s also turn to the disadvantages of stoves. One of them is heating only one room, the one in which such equipment stands. But if you choose a unit operating on the basis of a water circuit, this disadvantage is eliminated.

Reasons for choosing cast iron

When deciding to heat a home without installing a capital heating system, it is better to use small appliances, such as cast iron heating stoves, which are easy to carry and install, with no prior preparation. Also, the presence of cooking stoves on some of them is a sure excuse for this choice.

Also the presence of a glass heat-resistant insert on the door will allow the cast-iron stove to be presented as a fireplace, as you can watch the fire through such glass.

Photo of cast iron stoves

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