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Any material in construction should be used only where it is justified from a technological point of view. Let’s say, metal roofing because of a specific device is used exclusively on pitched roofs with a slope of at least 14 degrees. In some cases, the valley of the roof is used for ventilation channels. When installing it is almost impossible, but some experts still allow such action in the development, based on personal aesthetic considerations. In this case, there is no guarantee that workers will be able to mount such a unit tightly and, as a consequence, there may be leaks.

Water is the source not only of life, but also of quite a few problems. For example, waterlogging of the foundation contributes to the faster deterioration of the house. If moisture penetrates through the roof, the house begins to deteriorate from the top level. But today, a variety of methods have been developed of how you can protect against moisture. It’s all about waterproofing.

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Wiring waterproofing

There are many options for its conduct. It all depends on what material is used in a particular case. As the simplest waterproofing is the use of polyethylene film. But to call this method modern is definitely not possible. So it is better to refer to the advanced methods of work, so that the waterproofing of the roof did not become a problem.

Soundproofing the walls

Sometimes a relaxing environment is very important. Maybe you want to read a book, or maybe you just want to lie back and enjoy the silence. But there’s no such thing! Is the constant noise and various sounds heard from the street preventing you from achieving the necessary degree of concentration? This only indicates that your home has a problem with noise insulation, which needs to be addressed urgently.

You need to thoroughly examine all rooms for sound conductors. After all, noise can’t just pass through walls as if they don’t exist. You need to investigate all surfaces, examine the outlets, the chandelier opening, isolate all these points, for starters.

After that, take care of the doors – install doors made of dense and heavy wood, making strong and reinforced jambs. Also take care of the windows – this is the most important source of sound from the street. If you can not get the sockets and so on, then you need to re-align the walls with a special method.

Usually noise insulation of the house with your own hands is done by means of gypsum board sheets, which are applied to the walls with or without metal profiles.
As secondary insulation is often used natural mineral insulators, for example, basalt insulators and other materials that can absorb and reflect sound waves, ensuring complete silence in the room.

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