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Houses made of timber is a popular solution these days. Houses built from this material have a number of positive qualities and cost the owners quite inexpensive. The popularity of timber houses is due to their environmental friendliness, high speed of construction and relatively low cost.

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Logs are an environmentally friendly material made from solid wood by sawing. Unlike logs, logs have even sides and fit tightly to each other, due to which the high strength of the house and excellent performance of thermal and sound insulation is achieved.

Bar form is most often rectangular, but for the construction of frames can be used square bar (eg 150 × 150). If we are talking about the finishing of houses from a bar, then a rectangular bar is used.

More than 90% of modern timber is made from coniferous trees. It is coniferous wood perfectly retains heat, is resistant to low and high temperatures, and is able to keep its ideal condition for many years.

Strength and resistance to rot is achieved by the high percentage of resin in the wood structure. Before delivery the timber is further treated with antiseptics and dried to the required value. That is why, when you choose a timber for building a house, you can be sure that it will not be infested by pests and will not spread rot.

Classification of timber

Bar is classified according to several parameters. Depending on the geometric shape, bar is simple and profiled. Construction of houses from bar can be carried out with the use of material of both types.

A simple bar has a rectangular or square shape and absolutely flat sides. In other words, it is a simple rectangle or square without extra carving.

The profiled lumber is offered in a rectangular shape and also has additional ridges, grooves and locks created in the wood structure. Thanks to this additional carving, the links securely stacked with each other (like a puzzle), due to which a high thermal and sound insulation is achieved. Houses made of profiled bar are slightly more expensive, but these costs are fully justified.

The second important classification is the method of manufacture. The market has solid timber and laminated timber. The first is made in the usual way: sawing a rectangle or a square from solid wood with subsequent alignment and processing.

Laminated lumber is made in a completely different way. First, planks of equal length and width are made from conifers. Then they are treated with antiseptics and glued under high pressure with natural resins.

Despite the complexity of the procedure, modern technology makes it possible to create glued elements of exactly the same size (100×150, etc.).

House projects

Bar is characterized by its simplicity and versatility. This material does not require careful control and time-consuming calculations, as, for example, when laying bricks. That is why the projects of houses made of timber can be very different. From this material, you can build 1-story and multi-story houses with different layouts. Read here about the gable of the house.

It is also important that the weight of the timber is less than the weight of other materials, so such houses do not require high-strength and expensive foundations. Read here: House basement.

Projects must adapt to the conditions in which the house will be built: type of soil, climate features, etc. Thanks to modern technology you can order the construction of the house as a standard project, and according to individual requirements. Numerous photos of bar houses clearly demonstrate how diverse their design and layout can be.

By the way, the interior of houses made of timber is very attractive, which is achieved by the versatility of the material and its beautiful appearance (even without additional decorative treatment). Additional external beauty can be given to the house by using large panoramic windows, additional decorative elements, etc.

Advantages of houses made of birch wood

Despite the low cost, such houses have many advantages, including:

  • beautiful appearance (to look attractive and modern, the material does not need additional processing);
  • environmental cleanliness (there are no harmful chemicals in the structure, and natural resins are used as antiseptics);
  • fast construction (it takes about 3-4 weeks to build a single-storey house of timber);
  • Savings on the foundation (large investments in it are not required, since the load on it is very low);
  • resistance to external negative influences (additional impregnation allows timber to withstand the effects of high and low temperatures, high humidity and even fire);
  • price (such houses are much cheaper than brick ones), etc.

If earlier wooden buildings were accompanied by many problems (rotting, low thermal insulation, susceptibility to fire, etc.), today there are no such problems. Modern timber passes through several stages of production, as well as being tested for compliance with GOST. That is why the safety of such buildings is at a high level.

Are there disadvantages?

If we talk about the disadvantages of structures made of timber, they are much less than the pros. All the negative qualities of the beam associated with the lack of its quality treatment. For example, if the wood is not dried to the required value, the risk of rotting increases.

Quality timber should undergo drying in special chambers, which takes 10 to 20 days. Also, lack of quality drying slows down the shrinkage process.

The second important point – antiseptic and fire protection impregnation. If the wood is not treated by these means, the reliability of the building will not be so high. If the timber is treated with the necessary solutions, you need to make sure of their quality. To do this, you can ask the manufacturer to provide the necessary information about the material.

To order the construction of such a house today is very easy. It can be built at any time of the year, in just a few weeks. In this case, the construction company takes into account the wishes of clients, finalizing existing projects or creating new individual ones.

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