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The modern market offers a huge number of gate designs. Now, not so often you meet the usual swinging gates, which for a long time were the only option of gate construction in the vast expanses of our country. Garage swing gates have been replaced by modern and much more convenient:

  • sectional doors,
  • roll-up gates,
  • Lift-and-turn gate.

More advanced models of entry gates have emerged, and sliding gates are certainly a popular option.

Automation has made gates even more convenient to use, more durable and reliable. Automatic sliding gates are a modern and convenient solution for fencing private plots, parking lots, industrial areas, etc.

Initially, sliding gates were put exclusively on production areas. However, later the design of the gate significantly improved, and the gate gradually began to be used on private plots, gaining increasing popularity. And no wonder, because the reliable design of sliding gates are well known not only to specialists. According to statistics from repair companies, sliding gates with automatic mechanism is repaired most rarely.

Two types of sliding gate designs

The first type of sliding gate is equipped with a lower guiding rail, which is placed on a special foundation, and serves to move the gate. This design has a significant disadvantage – in winter, to open the gate, it is necessary to clean the rail of snow and dirt.

Today, most sliding gate companies work with the second type of design – such gates are equipped with an upper guide rail. The guide rail is located about 100 mm above the ground, so that snow or leaves do not interfere with the opening of the gate.

The main structural element that largely determines the performance and quality of the sliding gate design as a whole is the guide rail. Its technical characteristics must correspond to the expected gate operation mode, its size and weight. It is in accordance with the guiding rail the equipment of sliding gates is formed.

The next requirement for the sliding gate of the cantilever type is high rigidity of the leaf, which allows the leaf to withstand strong wind loads, as well as its own weight. Automatic sliding gates are equipped with a powerful electric drive, which provides a smooth and quiet movement of the door leaf on rails. Depending on the purpose and intensity of gate operation the owner can choose the necessary type of electric drive.

The main advantage of sliding gates, and their main difference from swing gates, is that they require absolutely no free space in front of or behind the driveway – the gate blade pulls away to the side along the fence. This allows the car to drive up directly to the gate. In addition, automatic sliding gates of the cantilever type do not require cleaning of the passage of snow or fallen leaves, which is especially important in the harsh conditions of the Russian climate.

An undoubted advantage of automatic sliding gates is also the fact that the passage is not limited in height. Automatic sliding gates have many other advantages. In inclement weather, the driver does not need to get out of the car to open the gate.

Special sensors will stop the gate’s operation if an obstacle appears in the opening – this provides a high level of safety. The automatic sliding gate can be controlled from a remote control point (which is very convenient in case of industrial use), as well as by means of a radio breloque.


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