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In the design of private homes an important distinguishing feature, or rather an element often becomes an attic. The upper living room, located under the roof in the attic. Adding such an element to the layout of the house is based on the desire of owners of country houses to get additional living space, which does not involve work on the expansion of the house and the device of extensions.

The mansard is an exceptionally profitable option in this sense. The factor of obtaining a great benefit is especially strongly felt by the owners of dachas, who can not afford to expand the house at the expense of extensions, however, strongly need additional residential square meters.

Dacha attics easily solve such problems. The original non-standard configuration allows them to be used for any functional rooms, while applying different types of design

Having decided to make changes in the device of the upper level of the house and subsequently purchase an additional living floor, many are faced with the choice of how exactly to use this space. The irregularity of the internal arrangement of structures creates a wide field for the imagination. And if creative thinking is less developed because of the dominance of a clear technical mind, that’s okay.

At the service of such people there are specialized catalogs or profile sites on the Internet, where you can see multiple photos of the attic, where in a colorful design shows what you can turn this section of the house. More often than not, it is after seeing such illustrations that many people are inspired by the desire to have something similar in their country house.

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Solving the problem of light in attic design

Usually the upper superstructure of the house appears darkened because the number of window openings is severely limited. The layout of the attic must take into account the low percentage of natural light coming from the street. In this regard, it is extremely important to provide the room with high-quality artificial lighting or create additional windows directly in the roof.

There are also other techniques that allow you to get artificial light inside the space. You can apply light colors in painting or wallpapering (beige, light lettuce, and so on). Decorative plaster should look similar, if it is decided to apply this variant of finishing.

On the floor it is also desirable to lay coverings of light shades. In the case of the prevailing desire to create a quiet intimate atmosphere with dimmed light, the main attention is paid to fixtures with colored scattering light. As a complement to create the appropriate effect, dark shimmering wallpaper is glued on the walls.

Features when choosing a design for the design of the attic

So, thinking about what exactly will be located on this section of the house, someone comes to the conclusion that it is best to have an additional bedroom, for someone the attic is seen as a room for the dining room, and someone prefers to make it a nursery. Whatever the final decision, one thing is clear, this room can perform any function.

Depending on the volume and internal parameters is determined by the design of the attic. If it is the completion of a large house, respectively, its area will be quite large. This means that separate functional areas can be divided here. For example, to make a living room and dining room or arrange a billiard room and a study or the same living room. Often the attic is adapted for the arrangement of additional guest rooms.

Accordingly, small areas are suitable mainly for the arrangement of a single functional zone. But this does not mean that the principle of separation is inapplicable here.

The only thing to consider in such a case is that isolation is not required here. It is necessary to carry out zoning in such a way as to keep the interior space unchanged.

Working out the subsequent stage, when proceeding directly to the design necessarily take into account the individuality of the arrangement of the main structures. Sloping walls – this is the main highlight and at the same time the main problem of the attic. Normal standard design options for the attic are not suitable.

The arrangement of details and roofing units (rafters, beams), the frequent acute angles, the presence of a low ceiling, the configuration of stairs, all this together and separately creates a series of additional problems. To eventually overcome all the twists and turns, or avoid them, you must first think through every detail in the developed design plan.

The attic from the inside looks both original and complex. The reason for this is a certain configuration of the roof of the house. It is its shape that determines the internal structure of the attic.

It is known that the type of roof can be hipped, broken, single or gable. As a result of what form of roofing on top of the house will be chosen and will determine the internal view of the attic. With this fact should always be taken into account when thinking directly to the construction of the house.

The final stage is the finishing work.

The attic from the outside can either merge with the general external background of the exterior design of the house, or stand out, thanks to the individual elements that form in particular both internal and external design. Often such elements are stained glass windows or alternation of several window openings. This type of interior design is used when arranging play areas or, for example, when arranging a room for viewing a home theater.

The interior decoration of the attic involves the use of the same materials that were used for the lower levels of the home, as well as other types.

Popular types of finishing such premises are cladding with clapboard, decoration with decorative beams, cladding with MDF panels and so on.

Most owners of country houses prefer to finish the attic with their own hands. This is not only saving money, but also an opportunity to show your sense of style. As stated above, the non-standard arrangement of the main enclosing structures, allows you to show your imagination to the fullest extent.

Due to this factor, sometimes attics become the main decoration of the house. It is especially nice to realize this, receiving praise from friends and acquaintances and claiming that no professional craftsman had a hand in it.

Using the attic in the winter

It is customary to spend time at the cottage not only in summer, but also in winter. Hence the conclusion that the upper part of the house requires insulation. The problem of how to insulate the attic is solved exactly the same way as a similar issue relating to the entire house.

Mineral wool boards are used as insulation materials. The work is carried out from the inside just before the cladding. The form of fixing the boards is mainly a frame system. This is a more convenient way to install insulation.

Finishing decorative elements that close the resulting corners become plastic corners or one-color corners under the wainscoting or MDF.

Photo of the attic.


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