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Construction assembly foam is a polyurethane foam composition for high-quality sealing of joints, fixing various structures and filling wide cracks. The mixture contains two main components – polyols (polyalcohols) and methylenediphenyl diisocyanate – a component that reacts with other substances to form polyurethane. What is the difference between professional and domestic foam and what advantages it has, we will consider in our article.

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Differences between professional and household foam

In terms of composition, the mixes are mostly the same, so there are no significant differences. The difference between the domestic and professional foam is that the first comes in a cylinder with a disposable tube through which the mixture comes out, and to work with the professional composition will require a special gun. In the first case, after opening the cylinder will have to work quickly, preventing the mixture from drying out in the tube, as it is not subject to replacement and cleaning. In fact, it is a disposable package, which can not be stored for a long time.

Domestic foam is cheaper in price, but when it comes to the upcoming global repair, the savings can turn out to be a big financial loss. Professional foam is more advantageous in this regard because the cylinder and gun are reusable, so when you need to treat multiple door and window units or to provide a solid structure more reliable fixation, it is better to choose this version of the sealant.

Characteristics of quality professional foam

In order for the compound to perform its function and serve for years to come, it is important to choose the right assembly foam:

  • Minimal shrinkage. In a quality product, it should not exceed 5%. Cheap compositions after polymerization – combining all the components of the mixture, does not give the foam the desired density, which leads not only to a strong shrinkage, but also breaks in the joints. If this happens, you will have to buy new foam and completely redo the work. To avoid such consequences, it is better to buy professional compositions of well-known brands.
  • Resistance to negative factors. To make a quality installation foam last for many years, it is enough to cover it with plaster or, for example, plastic panels. Apart from direct sunlight, the composition is not afraid of anything else. Low-quality materials poorly tolerate moisture and temperature fluctuations, so even plastering will not save them from premature destruction.
  • High Density. Professional dense foam, such as BiLife or other high-density brands – a guarantee of good sealing, as well as heat and noise insulation. Poor-quality mixes are more loose, so they do not have these properties.
  • Expansion. Original products of proven brands have an optimal level of expansion after the mixture is applied to the surface, so when used properly, the fully cured foam does not deform the treated structures.
  • Volume. After application, the volume of quality material corresponds to that indicated on the package. Fakes, as a rule, fall far short of the norm, which leads to high costs, because instead of one cylinder you will have to buy two or even more.

The listed specifications are characteristic only of quality professional foam. Unfortunately, no one is immune from the fakes, but in most cases they are faced by buyers of household compositions, so it is better still to give preference to professional products.

Advantages of a gun for professional assembly foam

The above characteristics of quality professional foam can also be attributed to its advantages, so let’s look at what pluses the can gun has:

  • The tool is equipped with a mechanism by which you can precisely dose the amount of mixture. This is not only economical, but also convenient. In addition to being able to adjust the foam layer independently depending on the width and depth of the joint, it is always possible to stop the foam independently by releasing the start lever.
  • There is a special needle inside the device, which blocks the ingress of air inside the can, so the composition is protected from solidification during operation.
  • Ability to use the gun at any time and leave it stored for long periods of time.
  • If work is done at height, using the tool is both convenient and safe, as one hand can be held by the handrail or ladder and the other can hold the balloon of assembly foam.

In addition, in a quality gun, the internal elements are made of metal, so with proper use and proper care, the device will last for many years.

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