Advantages and disadvantages of photo wallpaper




If you want to buy 3d photo wallpaper on the wall, having an attractive print, it is necessary to study their advantages and disadvantages beforehand.

Advantages and disadvantages


– The first and probably the most important advantage is the multitude of designs, colors and patterns. They depend on the desire of the buyer. Using your drawings and pictures, it is essential that they are of high quality and can be resized to the dimensions of the wall. As a result, the room will look unusual.

– Properly chosen photo wallpaper visually makes the boundaries of the room wider, visually lowers or raises ceilings, improves the perception of a very elongated room.

– If you choose the right photo wallpaper, it will help in zoning the area, which is very important for studio apartments and spacious rooms.

– Most modern manufacturers produce 3d photo wallpapers that do not fade even from ultraviolet rays. They will have their original appearance for many years. They also have a greater resistance than the classic paper wallpaper. This result is achieved thanks to a special coating.

– 3d Photo Wallpaper will not be damaged by grease and moisture. They will not soften or break off. They can be washed and wiped with a damp cloth. But even this version of the wallpaper is undesirable to glue in the bathroom or close to the sink, located in the kitchen.

– In case the walls are quite rough, then thanks to the unmistakable choice of photo wallpaper, you can hide them perfectly, without spending a lot of time and money on leveling the walls, thanks to the use of gypsum board.


– The first and obvious disadvantage of photo wallpapers is their high cost. They are of high quality, and therefore their price is not low.

– This type of wallpaper needs special preparation of the walls, more diligent than for standard wallpaper. The wall must be absolutely even, with the absence of various potholes, bulges and cracks and white uniform color. Otherwise, the result of using photo wallpaper will be uncertain.

Photo wallpaper is often made of canvases that are quite a solid width. This is done in order to have a minimum number of seams, and it is often difficult to glue them alone.

– The picture on the photo wallpaper is not only a solid advantage when it causes positive emotions from its beautiful appearance. But in the case of a wrongly chosen image, it is also a clear disadvantage when it becomes boring and even worse if it begins to cause irritation.


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