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The dacha of the modern man today, is not only beds with vegetables, but also a place to rest. On a hot summer day from the scorching sun is not so easy to hide. And here to help gardeners can come a tent with a grid. It will be indispensable for lovers of quiet suburban evenings.

A summerhouse gazebo in the form of a marquee will be a wonderful addition to your country house and, for sure, will become a favorite place for all the household members and their guests to relax.

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Countryside marquee

A tent tent for country houses has a number of indisputable advantages. Models of marquees are light and cheap, they require minimal maintenance. This type of product is very mobile, you can easily place it anywhere on your site.

A tent tent creates a large area of shade, which allows you to reliably shelter from the scorching sun or strong gusts of wind. This object of a garden plot pleases with a great variety of color design and a wide choice of material for manufacturing. On all these points, the marquee wins over the stationary gazebo.

And yet, for what purpose was the marquee invented? Naturally, it was invented for the purpose of creating a comfortable rest.

Under its vault will be fun at friendly parties until late at night, hold a romantic meeting, bask in a comfortable lounger, and just breathe in the fresh air. Of course, the main task of a tent is to create and maintain comfortable rest.

Variety of designs

Before you go out to buy your canopy, you need to decide what kind of design you prefer and perhaps look at photos of the marquee for the country house beforehand.

Marquees come in two types: completely open and with closed walls.

The simplest model is a gazebo on four supports, connected by a dome. This model is very convenient for use in spring and autumn, when there are no insects and scorching sun. Often such a tent is placed near the barbecue area, or in a corner of the site, where there are no drafts.

A tent with closed walls comes in handy in hot weather. If you slide the tent in, you can hide from pesky insects, strong gusts of wind, and the sultry sun.

But it is worth noting that the air circulation inside the tent is very good. And if there is a desire or need, one of the walls can be “ajar”.

Building materials for marquees

Dachshund marquees can be distinguished by the materials from which they are made.

Wood. The main advantages of wood marquees are environmental safety and versatility. A wooden frame gazebo can be easily disassembled and will overwinter perfectly in the household unit in disassembled form.

Of course, you can make the structure not collapsible, one piece, but then you can no longer so easily change its location on your property.

Brick. A tent with a brick frame is most often used as a summer kitchen. It will be very pleasant to get together with the whole family for a summer lunch. There are a great many opportunities to use such a tent.

Building a brick marquee gazebo is not exactly a simple and expensive affair, but the lifespan is quite tangible.

Metal. The metal frame is strong and reliable. However, to build such a tent you need to use the help of a welded one. This place of rest will please you and your guests for more than one year.

Choosing a place for a marquee

Regardless of the variety, a marquee for the countryside is an independent element of decor. Even the simplest garden tent must be in harmony with the design of the entire plot. Before you start the work of installing a marquee, you need to determine the location of its location.

It is better to choose a flat site for installation, free of any debris and tree roots.

When building a stationary tent, the first thing to do is to pour the foundation. Sturdy foundation greatly extends the life of the tent.

Creating with our own hands.

To build a place of rest with our own hands is quite simple. We will make a tent for a gazebo on the basis of a wooden frame. It is necessary to prepare in advance the tools and building materials. For the construction we need wooden bars and boards, a tent to create a dome.

  • We choose the site on which the tent will be located.
  • It is necessary to make four holes sixty cm deep. These will be the corners of the tent.
  • All wooden components must be primed and let dry. 4.Wooden bars are placed in the pits and tamped with earth. One side of the gazebo should be slightly higher than the other. This is necessary so that rain and snow do not accumulate on the roof.
  • In the middle of the posts, attach planks across. It should look like a grid, and the roof will be placed on it.
  • The final step is to string the drapery. The waterproof tent is ready! A tent made with your own hands will become the pride of your farm.

Choosing a tent by type of construction.

You’ve already figured out that marquees vary in the type of construction. There are open and closed type structures.

Closed type tent.

  • In today’s market there are models, not only for the military or tourists, but also for a wide range of applications.
  • The tent becomes indispensable when using a collapsible hinged structure, which is assembled in a matter of minutes.
  • The tent has tremendous functionality.
  • The most popular are the models with not much weight. From them you can choose your comfortable and not expensive tent.
  • There are many options designed for children.

Open-air canopies.

  • Determining for what purposes you need a marquee, you can easily find a suitable design.
  • Variants of open awnings, without side walls, are necessary for protection from the sun, wind and precipitation. Mosquito tents for summer homes save you from flies, gnats and mosquitoes.
  • The umbrella model is the most popular. It is similar to an ordinary umbrella from the rain, with the same mechanism of opening. But this design will not protect from strong gusts of wind and heavy rainfall.

Closed models can be considered universal, as they are suitable for use in any weather.

Choosing a marquee for your garden plot, you should not only focus on practicality, but also take into account the appearance. A beautiful tent for a pergola will help to give your plot a unique style.

A large number of people already use their dacha plots to relax from everyday problems. Therefore, it is necessary to have a marquee on your property for a pleasant pastime.

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