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This type of hacksaw is used for processing various metal workpieces. It is quite in demand in today’s realities, with its help you can do many things.

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Choosing the right hacksaw

Unlike a wood hacksaw, the blade on a metal hacksaw is not as important in choosing a particular model because it is very often replaced. It is worth paying attention to the fastener with which you will change the blade.

Also be sure to check how the saw fits in your hand, you still have to work with this tool. The handle should fit comfortably in your hand and fit any size.

The blade tension nut is one of the main parts. It should be easy to loosen and tighten so that you can change the webbing without problems.

The blade should go in all directions without difficulty to make you more comfortable using the saw.

All metal hacksaws fall into two categories: simple and electric. In the first case, they can be called mechanical or handheld. They are already divided into hand hacksaws, professional and home hacksaws.

Electric saws are divided into mains (just plug them in) and cordless (they have a built-in battery, allowing you to work somewhere in the field or on a site away from home).

Your job is to choose the right hacksaw for your specific application.

What is the first thing to look at? Many people ask themselves the question: “How to choose the right hacksaw? In order not to be fooled by various tricks of marketers, who are trying to sell you their goods, you need to know a number of rules when choosing a hacksaw for metal.


First of all, pay attention to what kind of equipment you need. If you work not so often, about 1-2 times a day, then a classic household hacksaw will be enough for you.

However, if you seriously specialize in this work, then buy a professional hacksaw, it is able to work for many hours a day.

Power Criteria

Here it’s simple – the more power the tool will have, the easier and more active the cutting will be. Hacksaws with a power of 800 watts or more are recommended only for professionals who will use it in their work every day.

Fastening the blade to the handle

Pay special attention to the blade fastening itself, because you will have to change the blade quite often. It must be easy to unscrew and tighten accordingly.

Comfort in use.

Check this aspect more carefully, your hands should not get stiff when working with the tool for a long time. If the model of the hacksaw you require implies one-handed use, then pay attention to its weight, it must be minimal.


When choosing a tool, look at what features it has, they should bring even more convenience to your work.


Cost is sometimes a key factor in choosing a particular product. You have to be sure of the manufacturer, the functionality of the hacksaw and other important aspects so that you don’t overpay. Modern metal hacksaws at times imply a big price, but we only care about the quality of the product we buy.

Absolutely any tool you need to know how to choose, know the main aspects when choosing, have some idea of how to work with the tool.

Even at home, you can look at pictures of different metal hacksaws and understand which one is required for your needs.

Choosing a replacement blade for your hacksaw

Pay special attention to the choice of a hacksaw blade, because even the smallest defect can ruin all your further work. It must be smooth, without various cracks.

For a special check, bend the canvas in the store, just remember, low-quality material is quite easy to break, if the canvas instantly returned to its former shape, feel free to take it.

Also check the number of cogs per 1 inch or per TPI unit, because the more there are, the more active and higher quality your work will be.

It is also recommended to look at the material of the blade itself, it should be bimetal, or in another case, choose a glazed blade. Such blades will last much longer than usual, it is only necessary to make sure that the given blade fits to your hacksaw.

Using Metal Hacksaw Blades

To use a manual mechanical hacksaw you do not need to be an expert, the course of work is quite similar to an ordinary wood hacksaw. Thanks to the very small teeth, this tool can be used not only in the work with metal products, it can also be used in the work with chipboard, foam plastic and even ordinary wood.

This tool is one of the most versatile tools on the market, but working with the metal itself is not an easy task.

One of the most important problems is the constant replacement of the blade, as it quickly becomes unusable. Unfortunately there is no possibility to sharpen such a hacksaw, but it is possible to make different tools from used blades.

At the moment the market provides absolutely different models and types of hacksaws for metal, but every consumer seeks to choose a more convenient and high-quality tool for their work.

If you have a need to saw some small parts, then a mini hacksaw from Stanley company will suit you, they make quality and durable tools. The Stanley mini hacksaw is designed to work with small metal parts, and it does a great job.

The best metal hacksaw models are provided by the following brands:

TOPEX – provides a budget mechanical hacksaw 10A130. Its average cost does not exceed 500 rubles. The main feature of this model is the rotating blade for more convenient work with the tool.

BAHCO – offers us model 208, the price range varies up to 900 rubles. The saw makes a high precision cut, thanks to a particularly strong blade. It is quite light and compact, which is why it has gained its due popularity.

BAHCO also has its own representative on the metal hacksaw market in the form of the ERGO 325 model, which is excellent because of its long blade that allows you to work with any size of material.

Just like most metal hacksaws, it has a removable blade. At the moment it is the most expensive hacksaw of all the above, its cost is about 2000 rubles.

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