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A beautiful dacha is not only manicured beds, paths, gazebo, but also a garden. How tall should the trees be? There are rules to follow when planting them, caring for them. Every dacha owner needs to know the provisions of SNiP 30-02-97 and agrotechnics.

Trees can be any height one wants, as long as they are planted at the right distance from neighbors, the road, electric wires, the summer house. They can have many branches.

Some people like bonsai and some people like woods. The gardener can benefit from firewood. A stove in the bathhouse, a fire in the fireplace or in the yard, a charcoal grill can always be kindled. Trees are their source. Where to store firewood? You need a pile.

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It’s not a difficult task to make a pile of firewood with your own hands. It is more difficult, perhaps, to learn how to chop and cut firewood. It is only in fairy tales and epics that the job gets done. The modern man is not used to work with a chainsaw and an axe. It takes time to develop the skill and dexterity.

There’s plenty of brushwood in the yard, too, but it burns quickly and you have to keep tossing it in, otherwise the flame will be blown out by the wind or it will extinguish on its own. Large branches, massive pieces of wood burn longer, the wind does not interfere. That’s why they are valued.

A log is usually no more than half a meter long, often less. It is additionally split with an axe into four to eight pieces, sometimes more. This is done in order to dry the wood.

Freshly cut wood doesn’t catch fire, smokes, gives soot, and doesn’t burn completely. It takes much longer to dry a log than it does to dry firewood-the inner layer, the core, is where the sap of the plant circulates most actively, while the bark does not circulate at all.

By splitting a log into several pieces, you can speed up the process by allowing air access to the wettest part.

More wood is convenient to stack because of the triangular shape, square. More wood fits in the stack. The logs will fall over, it will be hard to lift them, to put them in. So it is better to learn how to work with an axe or chainsaw. It is not necessary to use an axe – it is a tribute to tradition.

Wood should be chopped with the time it takes for it to dry and with the life cycle of the tree in mind. If you do it in the spring, it will dry out in about 4 months. Those cut in late summer take almost a year to dry – 300-310 days.

But if you chop them in July, it takes two and a half months to dry – during this period the sap comes to the young branches, the fruit most actively, in the woody part of the trunk is not delayed.

The fact that the wood is easily stacked, forming a fairly stable monolith, is both good and bad at the same time. Air access is limited. Preferably, before stacking them, pile them in an embankment, leave them for a couple of weeks in a part of the yard where there is a lot of sunshine.

Varieties of woodlot

It takes very little time to make a firewood stack on your own. The design is elementary. Looking at the photo of a firewood pile, you can once again be convinced of it.

Aesthetics should pay a lot of attention, otherwise an important component will be lost – the decorative function. You can count on your strength, imagination, available materials, begin to create a drawing. And you can take a closer look at those options that you can’t exactly make on your own.

Metal logs, for example, can be ordered from a blacksmith, painted or varnished. They can be complemented by forging. Flowers of metal, foliage, an abstract combination of geometric shapes, lines will perform a decorative function.

The design will be lightweight. Even a large metal pile will look great on a garden plot with a small area.

Optimal dimensions

There are all sorts of stacks available. It is possible, of course, to choose the most beautiful variant and not to worry about anything else. But it is better to take into account other parameters – height, length, width. They are chosen depending on how much firewood you need to have in stock.

A fireplace for dacha should be practical. Bulky is excluded. It should fit in a shed, for example. If you need a little firewood, it is better to give the extra to a neighbor, sell it. Perhaps it’s time to get into carpentry, craftsmanship, this material, learn how to make crafts out of wood.

In order to protect firewood from damp, moisture in the fall, winter, spring, should take as little protective materials as possible. Therefore, the structure is usually placed near the wall of the house, on a concrete foundation.

As a result, precipitation affects only one side of the monolith of stacked firewood. They do not get very wet and do not rot due to the fact that air access is restricted.

Before concrete was invented, firewood was sometimes stored on the ground covered with a layer of bark. However, they were more quickly consumed in those days by throwing them into the stove, heating the house with them, and cooking with them.

If there was still room in the barn, one could chop them up and leave them in the yard. When the barn became spacious, the new ones would be moved to their rightful place so they wouldn’t rot and lie warm.

A well-known amusement, the beautiful stack

A circular log pile can still be stacked on the bark to this day. It is a spectacular sight – a tower of firewood. To create it, you just need to mark a place, drive a stake, tie a rope to it and, with the help of small wooden logs, draw a circle, focusing on its length.

The soil should be covered with bark and begin to place the firewood. They can last a long time if you try hard enough. The wind will not destroy this structure.

A stacked pile of firewood in a modern person, rational will cause amazement and admiration, of course. It is a wonderful element of the design of the yard. True, sometimes you don’t want to take up space on which you can create a flower bed, plant something.

In this case, you can buy a metal round pile, with several sectors, put it right on the porch, for example, so that in bad weather, not to go far for firewood.

How do you put a round stack of just firewood on a porch? You can’t do without measuring instruments, or you need good eyeballing. You can try it, take a risk. The result can surpass the wildest expectations. The log pile made of firewood does not have to be round. It can be anything you want.

Classic and the easiest option

A square log pile made of chipped planks is both a place to store firewood and an additional surface on which you can put a fruit basket, a bottle of kvass, put garden tools. Such a firewood pile with their own hands is done very quickly – no special skills are needed. It is only necessary to nail the frame.

Knowing what should be its length, height, width, it is easy to draw a drawing or make an outline, sketch in a notebook, notebook. This will help not to deviate from the goal, reduce the risk of mistakes, inaccuracies. It will be easier to compare the idea and the result.

A fireplace for the country house can consist of purchased or hand-carved boards. Nails and a hammer will be needed. Later it can be painted in an interesting color, painted an abstraction in different colors.

There will be no question of how to make a fireplace with their own hands, if a greenhouse was built, and there are sheets of polycarbonate left over. This material can be purchased specifically to create a fireplace, to assess its beauty, reliability and practicality, and then erect a greenhouse, build a pergola out of it.

Sheets of polycarbonate in bright colors will decorate the area, perhaps even better than firewood.

Photo of the log cabin.


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