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When we go to the dacha, we want to have a quiet and pleasant time with family or friends. Superfluous worries for dacha residents do not need. Therefore, it is necessary in time to think about the question of where will be your favorite car to keep it safe and sound. After all, no one wants to run to the side of the road every hour and check the condition of the car.

In this article, we will tell you what the structure of the car pad and how to make it with your own hands.

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Outdoor site improvements

The most budget option that does not require additional efforts to organize the parking lot is the construction of an open area. Of course, you can not protect your car from precipitation, but you will save on the construction of a frame for the canopy and the implementation of its shelter.

The main problem of a dacha owner will be solved – to provide safety of your car and property when you are in dacha community. You can easily enter and leave the territory of your plot, but only you will have access to the vehicle.

An open area for a car in the country house is arranged in the territory of the land plot. The place should be flat and provide easy entry-exit. But the moisture should not stagnate there.

If the area is fenced, guarded, it is better to do parking right at the front gate. So you will not need to arrange a wide and solid driveway to the house.

When the question of security is not solved, then choose a place near the house – by the wall. It will shelter from wind and lateral rain and snow. The car will be safer, but you will lose some area of land that you could have used, for example, for a vegetable garden or flower bed.

Eco-parking with grass.

If you want to arrange the most natural version of the parking lot, you should level the site and remove a small layer of natural soil. On the bottom, crushed stone is poured to a layer of 10-15 cm, and sand 5-10 cm on top of it.

Geotextile can be placed between the layers, as well as on the sand. A lawn grid is placed on top. It should then be backfilled with fertile soil and sown with grass.

The use of crushed rock

A more economical and practical option is to fill the site with ordinary crushed stone. Preliminarily it is necessary to remove the top fertile layer of soil. In its place, sand is laid, installing a curb restriction around the perimeter. It will ensure the preservation of the shape of the structure.

After fixing the sidewalk curbs, it is necessary to lay crushed stone on top of the sand with a layer of 15 cm. And it is necessary to raise the level above the ground. To facilitate the movement of cars on the site in the center lay two strips of concrete slabs under the wheels.

Parking lot made of concrete

This is a more durable and reliable construction option. However, it will suit you only if the soil is not subject to frost heaving. The fertile layer of soil is cut off, sand is poured in its place, and then the formwork is installed.

For strength, a reinforcement mesh is placed over the sand. The area of concrete is poured with mortar so as to create a layer of 5 cm. Without letting the mixture dry completely, another level of reinforcement structure is placed. On top, 5 cm of concrete is poured.

For a heavier car, such as an SUV, the total height of the concrete pad can be increased to 15 cm.

Laying paving tiles

Paving tiles can serve as an alternative to concrete. It will be indispensable for the arrangement of the site on the ground, which is subject to frost heaving. Thanks to the gaps between the blocks, the surface of the parking lot will not be disturbed. Also with such a surface provides faster evaporation of moisture.

The tiles are laid on a mixture of sand and cement. Densely compacted fine crushed stone can be used as a base. For better adhesion, the blocks are pressed down with a rubber-coated mallet.

Features of the use of different materials and the appearance of the design you can evaluate the photo platform under the car.

Parking lot equipment with a carport

If you live in a country house permanently or often and for a long time come to the cottage, it is advisable to equip a more solid platform for the car. Such a structure should protect the car not only from intruders, but also from the effects of natural factors – precipitation and direct sunlight.

Independently carry out work on the arrangement will help you our step by step instructions on how to make a platform for the car.

Preparatory work

Choosing a location near the entrance gate or close to the driveway will allow the machine to enter and turn around easily. In addition, there will be a natural drainage of moisture.

It is also necessary to pre-calculate the size of the site. An area of 3×6 m is sufficient for passenger cars. But a larger car will need the size of the area 4×11 m.

At the initial stage of work, you need to mark the perimeter of the future parking lot with stakes. Between the pegs pull a cord. On the marked area the top layer of soil is removed. In its place form a special cushion of several layers:

  • sand – more than 100 mm thick in several stages with wetting and tamping;
  • gravel – more than 50 mm.

Formwork arrangement.

In order to concreting the site was of the highest quality, it is necessary to exclude the presence of pits and bumps on the surface. The formwork is made of boards 200-300 mm wide. Metal stakes 400-500 mm hammered into the ground on both sides of the formwork will prevent her fall. The step of such fastening is about half a meter. At the edges of the boards it is required to fix them securely to avoid leakage of mortar.

The alignment of the mortar is made by a rule, the standard length of which is up to 1.5 m. Since the site itself will be much larger, it is desirable to provide for the installation of additional guides. The embedded elements are aligned in the transverse direction. Longitudinally, it is necessary to provide a slight slope in the direction of the passage – up to 5 degrees. So you make it easier to remove water from the site.

Reinforcement is required to strengthen the structure. For this purpose, a wire mesh with a thickness of up to 8 mm and a mesh size of 100×100 mm is used. It is recommended to raise the reinforcing layer by 250 mm compared to the base or to make a two-level reinforcement.

The design for twin reinforcement includes a mesh in two layers with lintels 80 mm in length. They are installed with a spacing of 45-50 mm. It is desirable to use PVC clamps for connections.

Concrete paving.

All work must be done in one day, not leaving the mortar for tomorrow. In a day the mortar dries out and loses its ability to set effectively with new layers.

The mortar can be prepared by hand or use a concrete mixer. Pouring the pad under the car is done evenly, but the concrete should be above the level of the guides.

The work is carried out from the remote area away from the road in the direction of the entrance. The concrete is laid evenly. The rule is to smooth it out. The entire volume within the formwork must be filled with mortar.

When the work is completed, the site is covered with polyethylene film. This way you will eliminate cracking, and the drying will be more uniform. And precipitation and ordinary moisture will not get on the surface of the concrete.

The mixture dries in 5 to 6 days. The formwork must be dismantled and the pins removed. The edges of the site are strengthened with metal corners. Such pads are attached to each other and to the concreted bars by welding.

Canopy installation.

To construct the roof, it is necessary to bend the support tube to the desired radius. Such a beam is attached to the vertical supports with bolts or with the help of a welding machine. The use of a metal brace will give more strength to the structure.

To attach the frame, you need to build a base. Concrete columns that are fixed in the surface of the site can be used as a base. You can create a separate foundation of concrete for the posts by pouring sand and gravel into the hole.

The frame is installed on the pillars of the foundation with the help of corners made of metal beams or profiled pipe. The roof is made of corrugated sheet metal or polycarbonate sheets. It is attached to the “skeleton” of the canopy. After that, all metal parts must be covered with an anti-corrosive solution and painted.

As a material for the frame can be used wood. But the timber must be thicker than 50 mm with a protective treatment.

To build a reliable and durable area for the car at the cottage, it is worth the effort. You can choose the option that best suits you – to equip an open or shed parking lot. But the benefits of such a solution will be evident – a car protected from encroachment and external influences.

Photo of the car pad

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