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The variety of landscape styles is striking. The choice of design should be approached intelligently, so that the overall image of the garden plot came out harmonious. In order to make it easier to decide on the design of the garden must be carefully studied types and photos of contemporary styles of landscape design.

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One of the main objects in a Japanese garden is stones. Decorating with them in this case is not just design. They are used to give meaning to the garden, because in Japan, homesteads are used for philosophical reflection and harmony with the world around them.

In addition to lots of stones, this design involves low-growing flora, a pond, and paths. It is not necessary to have a large space in order to apply the Japanese style.

A separate species is the rock garden, which is a small area that is backfilled with pebbles.

English (landscape).

It is characterized by simplicity and naturalness. English style in landscape design does not involve the use of pretentious objects. To decorate the area in this design, it is necessary to stick to the natural landscape. It should create a romantic atmosphere of 19th century manor houses.

The intervention of human hands in the design of the area should not stand out. In contrast to the regular garden, designed in the English style, assumes maximum naturalness.

Among the main characteristics of the landscape style in landscape design are the following:

  • The appearance should give the impression of no human intervention. The use of winding stony paths and ponds is welcomed. The lawn must be constantly mowed.
  • This type of design is applicable on homestead plots of not less than 12 acres. Unfortunately, owners of smaller areas will not be able to design a plot in the English manner.
  • It is necessary to use green and silver shades in all elements of the exterior.
  • Vertical landscaping of the facade of the house and fences is often used here. The space is surrounded by compositions of lush flowers and plants. Landscape type implies the mandatory use of juniper, thuja or boxwood.
  • The paths from the house should be decorated with natural materials. It can be wood or stone. A small pond with a bridge and water lilies, as well as benches or arbors made of natural materials, intertwined with vines can be a good exterior object.

Usually neatly trimmed lawns, watery plants and small terraces are used in the design of garden areas in England.

Regular (classic).

This ancient Egyptian style is characterized by smooth lines, austere type of buildings, and large spaces. It is also referred to as the French, architectural, and classical style. The Regular style was first used in France during the reign of Louis XIV.

The main idea in landscape design at that time was to order the flora and subdue it to man.

Only round or oval-shaped fountains and ponds were used in the design. And all trees and shrubs were regularly trimmed to geometric shapes. This type of design became the basis for modern high-tech.


Country at the moment is very popular. It is so widespread because of the simplicity of design and naturalness. It is characterized by the absence of clear lines.

When decorating in the rustic style, you can apply the freedom of imagination. The main thing is to end up with a garden that is as close to the rural type as possible.

There are several features in country-style decorating:

  • Area. The size of the plot is not important. The main thing is that the area is suitable for recreation and garden work.
  • The use of environmentally friendly materials: wood, vines, stones.
  • Planting of fruit trees and shrubs: apple trees, cherry trees, currants, etc.
  • Decorative elements. You can use hedges, wells, benches, etc. in the design.
  • If the arrangement of a pond is planned, the maximum naturalness should be applied (for example, a small pond, overgrown with reeds).


Provence is suitable for all lovers of classics and pragmatism. It combines elements of rustic design and the atmosphere of France.

On the plots in the style of Provence it is not necessary to use strict lines. On the contrary, a certain carelessness is welcome in the design. You can use objects of irregular geometric shapes.

Also, the use of benches, handmade crafts, holey baskets and carts decorated to look like the old times is welcome. When designing an area, it’s best to decide on the location of the decorations right away.

As for the flora, it is necessary to use all kinds of plants and trees with bright foliage. Flowers should be blooming and bright. The laying out of stony paths is also welcome.


This kind of design contains the same basics as interior design. First of all, it is the use of simple concise forms. Strange as it may seem, but it is quite difficult to formalize the site in minimalism, as the designer is tasked with the minimum use of decor to maximize the disclosure of the idea.

Minimalism is possible to apply on a plot of any size. In this case it is obligatory to use elements of zoning. Minimalism does not call only for the use of strict and evenly delineated lines.

What you should definitely give up is a large number of outbuildings. But various patios, staircases and catwalks will look elegant in such a design.

As for the color scheme, minimalism welcomes pastel colors as well as khaki and silver.

It is not so fundamental what materials will be used in the design of the garden. You can use both artificial and natural products.

However, in the design of the site it is necessary to use only one type of material in all structures. That is, if brick was used somewhere, then all arbors, house and paths should be decorated from this material.

There are no special requirements for the choice of plants and trees in minimalism. Fertile trees or willow and birch can be planted. Large metal arbors or mirrored objects can be used for decoration. If the arrangement of a water body is planned, it must necessarily be the right shape.

When decorating the homestead area, you can apply a combination of styles, but to perform the union of different designs should be very carefully.

In any case, if you want to use elements of any particular type, combining them with other decorative elements, they should be used only in one part of the homestead plot. One way or another, the arrangement of the garden is preceded by careful and competent planning.

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