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Pouring foundations or installing reinforced concrete buildings is unthinkable without 12 mm steel reinforcement https://as-tim.ru/armatura/12mm/. We tell you in detail about the features of the products and the nuances of purchase.

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Reinforcement is steel bars made of steel, which are used to mount a reinforcing framework for the construction of buildings. Types of rebar are classified according to the size of the diameter. The product with a diameter of 12 mm is considered the most common.

The 2 most popular applications are pouring foundations (mostly strip foundations) and reinforcing poured foundations in high-rise reinforced concrete construction. Also often used in blacksmithing for the manufacture of decorative elements of various types, in the construction of stairs, various fences, as frameworks in the manufacture of large-scale sculptures, plaster statues and similar products to increase their strength.

The main functionality of 12 mm steel rebar:

  • Reduce the load on the building frame
  • Block the formation of cracks
  • To make the frame of a building or foundation as resistant as possible to various types of mechanical influences and deformations.

Depending on the specifics of construction, steel rebar 12 mm with a smooth or corrugated surface is used. Fluted rebar is a steel bar, on the surface of which there are convex longitudinal notches going under a certain inclination to the center.

It is believed that bars with a fluted surface are preferred for foundation reinforcement to provide better bonding and to stop cracking of the concrete base.

That said, this product size is the minimum allowable for construction, provided that the steel bars will be used in a bundle of several pieces.

Methods of manufacturing steel rebar 12 mm

There are 2 methods of manufacturing this type of rolled steel products.

  • Hot rolling (hot rolling method). Products made in this way are used for reinforcement of stressed and standard structures. The use of steel hot-rolled rods allows to strengthen the building, even under considerable load on it and make it more resistant to a number of adverse factors and deformations.
  • Drawing or drawing of the cold type. Such products are used to produce reinforcement mesh, produced in large spools. The mesh is used, as a rule, for reinforcement of foundations and production of various constructions.

The raw material for the production of 12 mm rebar is mixed steel, which is marked A500 and A400, the basis for which is a low-alloy alloy of the structural type. The use of this material is easy to explain. It is not susceptible to corrosion and easy to join by arc welding.


  • Durability
  • Flexibility sufficient for easy formation of various frameworks
  • Easy to bind together, allowing the formation of complex reinforcing frameworks.
  • Resistant to rust even at bonding points.
  • Immunity to temperature fluctuations and exposure to even the most aggressive chemicals.

How to buy 12 mm steel rebar

In order to make an order in the company Astim, specializing in the sale of various types of metal products, you need to perform a few simple steps.

  • Go to our catalog at https://as-tim.ru/armatura/
  • Place an order
  • Contact our manager, who will help calculate the necessary amount of products
  • Agree on the type of payment, time and date of delivery.

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