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An area of land surrounding a home helps one feel a sense of freedom. A man knows that it is his property. And there is no need to care what the neighbors below him or those living above his apartment think. But there are side neighbors who will sometimes be a hassle. But – it’s better than the apartment and all the complicated issues associated with it. Although there may be contrary thoughts associated with this issue.

Some people like an apartment over their own home. You have to agree, there are a lot of nuances. But now let’s discuss how to design a plot of a country house of 10 acres to like it and have a number of functional characteristics.

We will connect our imagination, applying natural surroundings in the form of trees, flowers, stones or water. But it will require some knowledge. The best option is to turn to the experts, if it is difficult on your own. But at the expense of tips the green beginner will be able to do a lot on their own.

We recommend not rushing to get the job done. It is advisable to learn all the important points and learn how to create design elements. Try to create a flowerbed, a shed, an artificial waterfall or decorative elements on your own.

The final positive result in the case of independent work may take a long time to appear. But there will be an opportunity to do something, to create, to study, to read a lot and to try to use the information obtained through your own land.

It’s not impossible to enjoy it, and it will be hard to stop. It can drag on for years on end. For many, it is this aspect that is considered the main driver of interest in this activity.

Now we offer to look at ready variants of the photo landscape design for a country house, created on the basis of the works of professional designers. They are characterized by completeness and a clear fit into the chosen style.

Article Summary:

Where to start?

How do you create a beautiful site design that attracts the attention of neighbors and elicits positive feedback from guests?

Evaluate the positive aspects of the site, and draw conclusions regarding what can be improved. It is important to find a starting point and begin the work process with financial resources in mind.

Of the important points, here are the features of the site:

  • The position of the future site based on the sides of the world. This is important in order to qualitatively protect it from the effects of strong winds;
  • The appearance and area of the location. Where is it located or will it be created? It is a hilly area, lowland, maybe some other land;
  • Are there trees already planted and what species they belong to. Are they perennial species, shrubs, ornamental trees, or wild fruiting cherries or no fruit. Some of these may need to be removed and something else planted to form a better design;
  • Condition of soil. If there are grasses that grow on its territory, it may indicate a good soil composition. But in this matter it is better to rely on information from a specialist;
  • The current location of the dwelling house and already, existing buildings of various types. Some will have to be demolished, while others will have to be built. It is good if everything is ready at once, and nothing needs to be changed;
  • A study of the groundwater table is considered important.

Important: If you get into the process of creating a quality site design you need to consider the fact that they may never end. Some things will have to be updated, others will have to be rebuilt, and others will have to start building.

And plants in general will have to be replanted all the time. Some of their species are capable of living for a year or several years. The process of taking care of an area never ends and there will always have to be something to do, and you should always be prepared for that.

How do you organize your work?

You can carefully study examples of suburban home site design based on the work of experts with a name in the design world. They certainly won’t suggest anything bad, and you can learn a lot from them without fear that it will be unfashionable or perceived as a lack of taste in the owner.

At the same time, if your own ideas have come up, they should not be discarded. It is recommended to write down everything that came into your head, and better to draw it on paper. This will not allow you to forget a good idea.

But modern technology offers unique computer programs that allow you to create 3D presentations of private plots. They contain a unique set of features for this work. It is with them that it will be easiest to work. They will allow you to see the image that should turn out in the final realization on the territory of the house.

But these programs are designed for a foreign user and are offered in English at best. A user without an advanced knowledge of that language will have a hard time figuring it out. Although an experienced PC user will eventually be able to understand how to use them.

You can also remember that the simulation of your own plot is built into the game for PC with the name Sims 2, 3, 4 – this feature is in its three parts. With its help, too, you can turn entertainment into a real project, which appeared on your plot of land. She, too, offers ample opportunities for the creation of the project. Here there is no need, possessing the skills of an artist.

What color to rely on when creating a design?

Everyone has probably already realized that the design of a country house should be combined with its external reflection on the area around it. It is desirable to combine style. Although it is allowed to combine styles into something unprecedented and peculiar, existing only on your land.

Usually such attempts in the eyes of an experienced designer end in failure, but the main thing is to like the inhabitants of the dwelling. Color can be chosen in different variations:

In one shade. The main will be one version of the color, combined with different shades. It is important to qualitatively beat the presence of their light or dark versions. It is believed that it’s easier to work with such a direction. It is easy to choose furniture, plants for planting and other accompanying elements of decorations.

A two-tone version will help form a complex design for the cottage area. It will be necessary to work with two colors as the main, conducting a profitable game with them by combining and diluting different shades. One of them usually acts green in the form of various plants, and the other any other suitable for the idea of the author of the work.

But red and blue are considered the least suitable to combine with green. It’s better to add white, a woody version of brown or purple to it.

Multicolor composition also allows you to form a quality landscape design and is popular with professionals. This approach is used only by the most venerable professionals, due to the labor-intensive nature of the work and the availability of first-class skills.

But it is recommended that no more than five different colors be used. Although they can be supplemented, diluted with many other shades or tones.

If you have your own design ideas for the country house should not be afraid that they may not be as good as the professionals. It is worth immortalizing them on various media.

You can use what’s available to you now. And then show your sketches to an experienced designer. He can help you improve the idea or point out good places. You can do without that, though.

Sometimes if you like something, you don’t have to rely on some authoritative opinion. You can take it and turn it into reality. And then say to yourself, “I did it, and that’s why I admire my creation.

In any case, in this area you live, and what difference does the design fit into some styles or not. The main thing is to have functionality and everything to the owner’s liking.

Photo of the site design of a country house


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