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Private suburban areas have great advantages over cramped living conditions in urban apartments. Mainly for this reason people are increasingly trying to move from stuffy urban conditions to nature. They build dachas, cottages, ennoble their plots.

And if even in a private house there is no place to hold a party, inviting a large company, it can always be done away from home, making for this in the garden of a special place, the so-called recreation area. That is how most often is called the recreation area in the country, designed in the form of a beautiful comfortable area where you can not just relax the whole family, but also to spend quality time with many friends, inviting them to the barbecue or shashlik.

And to make everyone feel even more comfortable, you need to be very thorough in deciding where to rest. And it is equally important to decide how to arrange the recreation area.

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Proper site delineation

To achieve the desired goal, you must first of all properly divide the total area of the plot into the main zones, in addition to the one where the house itself is located.

Identify plots for the garden, vegetable garden, various necessary buildings. At the same time, mark the location of underground utilities.

You can work through all these issues in conjunction with the selection of the location where the recreation area will be located. It is very important to place this area in such a way that it fits perfectly into the overall landscape design.

It should be a cozy area that occupies either the front part of the yard, or located somewhere in the back of the garden, where plantings of various fruit trees can shelter those gathered from prying eyes.

To protect yourself from rain and sunlight, it is better to use a covered light structure or use a canopy.

A small area set aside for a recreation area should look comfortable and convenient. A larger area implies a breakdown into several functional, diverse sub-zones.

Help in finding design options for recreation areas

When deciding to take a thorough approach to solving the problem of designing a recreation area, people most often can’t determine on their own how best to set everything up. Some seek help from professional landscape designers. They, in turn, develop a landscape plan of external landscaping with a professional approach.

When the services of designers can not afford, then in order to save money, many turn their attention to the colorful editions of various magazines and catalogs, aimed at a particular subject. Of course, invaluable help in this case has the Internet. On its pages you can find many different types of landscaping design and choose the most favorite photo of the recreation area in the countryside, taking it as a basis.

No one forbids to develop your own imagination, but sometimes it is interesting to use the ideas borrowed from the masters of landscape design, slightly modifying them.

Preparation and zoning. Concrete pad installation

The initial steps, including the actions to allocate areas of the site, are performed according to certain rules and guidelines:

  • The design is carried out taking into account the soil data, with reference to the plan of the existing structure and communications.
  • Self-construction of a place for rest, assumes its close location near the house, on a prepared in advance basis, in a small penumbra.
  • Conduct a good zoning of the site, this means to properly divide the area into functioning grabs, as noted in the pre-designed plan.

When dividing a plot, you can use symbolic boundary markings. Establish paving stones, plant lawn grass, conduct the installation of hedges of greenery. A lawn is often considered a decorative ornament, but at the same time it always serves as an excellent backdrop.

However, more often under the platform choose a stronger concrete base, which can well withstand the loads created by the placed furniture, barbecue grill and other items of external interior.

The most common type of site arrangement is a concrete pad. In other words, the installation of the foundation slab, where all work is carried out clearly with the observance of a certain technology, including:

  • The construction of a depression in the ground, focusing on the geometric parameters of the site (length, width), on the thickness of the substrate and pouring of concrete;
  • crushed stone and sand base;
  • installation of fixed wooden formwork;
  • installation of a mortar bed (30 mm);
  • arrangement of a waterproofing mat (1 layer);
  • pouring of concrete mixture.

In about three weeks, when the concrete has reached proper curing, you can begin the next work. To decorate the walls and coverings. Put garden parquet on the floor, terrace board, lay ceramic tiles.

A strip foundation is also used when making wooden decking. It makes it possible to save time. In addition, it takes less effort and most importantly – finances.

Indoor and outdoor areas

So, it is decided to organize the country site with the allocation of a place where it will be possible not only to relax with the whole family, but also to invite guests. The main options for the device – two.

Either it will be an outdoor area, or it will have an indoor look, for what is called a romantic getaway.

In the latter case, the grounds are lined up as a kind of “open room.” The outer fence is replaced by all kinds of fabric decorative curtains. Or they are marked with original grids with hanging plants from the creeper family.

The entrance to the romantic area can be indicated by a beautiful curtain made of strung beads. The simplest and most effective way to fence off from prying eyes and enjoy relaxation. As another option for decorating such areas are screens made of bamboo.

Arranges a beautiful recreation area in the Japanese style, where the objects of design become small containers with planting of exotic plants, as well as decorative mini-fountains. All this recreates the atmosphere of a Japanese garden.

If the choice is made for a covered area, it is undoubtedly the best choice to keep out bad weather, such as rain, or to escape dangerous ultraviolet rays.

An enclosed area is arranged as an extension to the main house with a common bearing wall. Moving to the recreation area passes from the territory of the dwelling.

Creating an outdoor area for setting up a barbecue

Probably, the design of the recreation area at the cottage would not be complete without the device of a barbecue and shashlik barbecue. The use of such a design implies recreation under good weather conditions.

The most suitable place for such an area, a separately installed gazebo with a stone wall near the fire for fire safety purposes, or a terrace. You can use an ordinary awning. The main thing is to avoid precipitation.

At the same time it is worth considering the necessary requirements for the use of such areas. Namely:

  • The area with a barbecue must not be placed close to garden plants.
  • Place the fireplace away from the house, wooden structures and fences.
  • When an area with a barbecue is located under a canopy, a chimney is installed.

Children’s play area

Of course, the concept of a large family always implies the presence of children. To organize for them a decent interesting recreation at the cottage, no small task. In this regard, a plan for a children’s play area is developed.

The most convenient option for the arrangement of a playground can be a place located in the area of the backyard. Specifically in this case, most people seek to design a recreation area with their own hands.

Caring parents equip the area so that their favorite kids can play, and physically develop over the summer. Therefore, various types of sports equipment, rope ladders, fairy houses, slides, as well as a sandbox for the kids are used as items of arrangement.

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